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Beastiality is wrong.

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Compared to other blacks she is gorgeous. Compared to white people she is the stuff of nightmares.

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I bet she sure can suck a dick doe

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Ask Harvey...

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She's fucking hideous and weird as fuck too.

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Yeah? Well I still think Chelsea Clinton is still the trump card in the ugly deck of cards... but of course, being a nigger typically trumps everything in the ugly game... now I'm conflicted. Shit.

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They're all trannies.... the "boy" in that pic is obvious ftm .

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do you really believe that? i see people on here sometimes claiming that literally almost every famous person is a tranny. i know there are a lot of them but like... do you actually believe all the famous people are trannies... dont you feel like thats a little far fetched?

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They are all transgender. And it's not only the celebs but enormous numbers of "everyday" people, too. You live in babylon in end times under the great deception.

Notice how the only argument you can muster is 'sounds too crazy to be true!' They're all trannies and until you learn the anatomy differences between men and women, research what hormones and plastic surgery can accomplish, and take the time to look into it for yourself you'll just stay asleep on it.

They worship baphomet, a dual gendered tranny freak demon. They invert everything. As above so below is their motto. And SHHHHHHHHHHH.

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It is noones fault how they are born.

What is wrong with you people?

You think she wanted to be ugly or something?

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I think she ran face-first into a wall every day for the first 10 years of her life.

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we just passionately hate the filthy nigger obama family. If they wanted to be treated fairly or kindly they should have spent less time deliberately destroying our nation.

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How is she responsible for the sins of her parents?