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No where in what he said does he imply single player games will require a connection to the internet. No where in what they have shown of their own requires a connection to the internet for single player. That is jumping to conclusions.

The reason people were freaking out when an 'always online' console was announced, was that there was no REASON announced with it. No benefit to the consumer. People assumed it was DRM, and that is what people took issue with. What they are doing with Crackdown 3 shows a tangible benefit. Is it DRM to force people to connect to the internet to play with people in an MMO? No. That's just how technology works.

Considering most 360s were connected to the internet for multiplayer gaming, I know my 360 was connected to the internet 95% plus of the amount of time that I used it. I can see how they wouldn't have thought they'd receive that much backlash when they announced it. What they failed massively at at the time, was that by having a system always connected to the internet, they could move a lot of compute power to the cloud, and create much bigger/more immersive games. They failed to make that clear, and everybody jumped on to hate them.

EVEN IF they made single player games with this tech, wouldn't you prefer the MASSIVE jump in enemy AI it could create? You would likely still be able to play an offline version with lower amounts of detail, but when connected online, AI, Physics, in some cases frame-rate get an increase? I know I'd be connected the entire time (much like I am currently).