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"Well, you certainly must've been hungry!" remarked a remarkably rotund man, as he casually ingested crudites. The rotund man was well dressed, despite being somewhat ugly. Fat, with oily black hair, his physiognomy was disdainful, that of a shallow, soft man, someone who was truly ignorant of the trials and tribulations that were Hunger and Want.

A tiny trickle of ranch dressing ran down his lip, gracing his wiry black goatee, and he crunched down upon the perfectly shaped orange baby-carrot.

His Tuxedo was dark, and immaculately made, fitted perfectly to his weighty figure. Yet somehow, his cummerbund seemed likely to burst.

"Yes, I was hungry, at times."

The explorer silently contemplated just how long he had been lost. A full three months with no supplies or rations, spent fully in the massive Brazilian Amazon. At first, he had eaten nothing meat, small, slow-moving possums of the Caluromys derbianus species, and other various mammals, always cooked over a fire. But as starvation loomed, and standards fell, he found himself eating anything he could catch with a trap, or with his hands, including non-poisonous frogs and amphibians, and, eventually, any insect he could lay his hands upon.

The fat, well-dressed financier of his journey snatched a small morsel of escargot from a passing waiter. Gently Broiled, Dressed with olive oil, garlic, parsley, and mint, it looked like a truly succulent treat. The Financier sucked it out of its' shell, with a swiftness that precluded relish.

The explorer though of all the times he had eaten Snails and Slugs, raw, and alive. How thin is the line between delicacy and subsistence?

The well-dressed financier wiped the grease off of mouth with the sleeve of his tuxedo.

"Good thing we found you. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had this feast!"

Written, but not edited, by Theodore Kent.