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Dear OP, since you are a real person and not a spam bot I'll explain you how this site works and why your post is not suitable for this subverse, feel free to ask me any questions.

  1. Read this: https://voat.co/help/faq#selfPromotion (you are breaking a site wide rule)
  2. It looks like you are getting money from visits, your site has a big ad covering the whole page with a tiny button that says "Skip ad"
  3. This subverse is for asking and giving advice to writers and even though your title implies that when I visit your page it is just a poem, sharing poems/stories for the sake of sharing (see sidebar) is more suitable for other subverses like /v/ShortPoems (I make exceptions for this rule if people express they want the post to stay but looking at the downvotes you got it seems that this is not the case)

Finally some advice: if you are just going to share a poem please make a self post and paste your poem there instead of making users follow a link to an ad covered webpage, doing that will only result in you getting your domain site wide banned.