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Install glasswire and block everything.


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https://archive.fo/SGfmb :

Windows 10 can now show you all the data it’s sending back to Microsoft | TechCrunch

'Windows 10 insiders will soon be able to install a new program from the Microsoft Store, the “Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer,” that gives them full access to all the diagnostic data from their Windows device. '

'Microsoft itself, of course, has long had tools to view this data internally, but the Data Viewer tool puts a user-friendly interface on top of this data. '

'In addition to this new tool, Microsoft is also launching a small update to its Privacy Dashboard. '

'Microsoft’s and its partners’ engineers use the telemetry data from Windows 10 to diagnose crashes, learn about its users hardware configurations and more. '

'Until now, that data was organized into different categories and it was hard to get a quick overview of the activities the company tracked. '

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