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I turned off secure boot just to get the damn bootable usb ubuntu drive to work.

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Mang iirc its to do with what boot mode youve got your bios set up for, whether its UEFI or Legacy, one wont work straight up with the other. The last time i remember really going at this hard, i ended up having to install windows to a partition that wasnt the standard file format, which would then allow grub to recognise it and therefore dual boot with an ubuntu partition.

I dont remember which is which, 99% sure if you go ahead and download the rufus burning tool it actually tells you in its options if you add an actual distro (*nix, windows, anything) which format it needs to boot correctly.

Ive got an MSI laptop and have never had a problem just pulling the HDD and slipping in another one and dicking around with it to test systems, then putting the original back and runng. If youve got a spare HDD floating around try slapping a unix distro on it first and telling it to 'ask you which system to boot in' every time the system boots (i think its a grub thing) then work your way backwards from there installing the Windows system next to it and getting it to run. If you get it going either transfer the lot onto the original that came with the machine or put it aside as a backup. At least thats kind of the way i do things. A NUC system is a damn handy thing to have to test that shit too...

I dont wanna straight up blame linux for this one id be happy with microsoft causing the fuckery (To get a windows certification for your product it needs to be UEFI which is 64 bit or something whereas linux only used to like 32 bit bios... OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT Sorry if ive misread it) but seriously every time ive given any linux distros a crack in the last couple of years im instantly reminded why i stick with the buggy spying piece of shit that keeps downloading massive amounts of updates i keep telling it i dont want. Its like a Harley Davidson vs a japanese motorcycle. 'I bought a harley so i could fix it myself, then i bought a honda so i dont have to.' Only with this Harley Davidson you cant even just stick a key in it and turn it over, theres no manual to teach you how to turn it on, every answer you get is a 5 page forum with 10 different solutions, and the only way to be able to do it 100% on your own is to learn an entire new fucking language.

EDIT - Jesus fucking christ i just took a look at the ad you posted, does that thing have built in lazer auto turrets and pop up torpedo launchers or do you have to buy that shit seperately? - I just liked my light up keyboard and an actual performance GPU.... Killer Wireless AC is fucking awful tho, baleet the drivers for it and get standard atheros drivers or youll be swearing constantly for months on end about your wifi card vanishing entirely....

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I will check out rufus. I could not help myself when buying a new laptop. No lazer auto turrets, but it does have a self destruct. I don't think this is a linux problem. I was getting the same issue with or with out linux. Initially I was having an issue with linux installation, but once I got rid of windows 10 linux issues went away. Windows 7 seems to like BIOS, the ubuntu distro is UEFI. I have been learning a whole lot. I can switch between the two easily by changing a setting in BIOS/UEFI screen. From what I understand the core issue is no USB 3.0 drivers included in win7. I was thinking about making the HDD bootable and putting the win7 install image on it and installing from there. Been insanely busy with life so screwing with my machine has been slow. I will update when I can. Thank you fellow goat