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Just the ones acting or dressing like degenerates. Probably 80%

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Have you worked with or conversed with a black man that is sincerely embarrassed by his brethren? Someone that you get the distinct impression wishes for nothing more than to change his skin color just so he won't be associated with that 80%.

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This word comes to mimd when I see a person of any race crossing the street in front of me, walking as slow as they possibly fucking can.

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Black people constantly jaywalk in my city. And yes when they use the crosswalk it's at the slowest pace humanly possible. I've wondered if that was the case everywhere.

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i just don't know. I never can keep up with the current politically correct word so i just don't think much about it

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I don't think anything but this smell comes to my nose and it is associated with niggers.

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it does not automatically come to mind when i see any black. but about 65% of the time based purely on their appearance and another 30% of the time when i hear them speak. leaving at most 1 in 20 that doesnt make me think it.