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Get a Fitbit

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Or just eat less, fucking fatties....

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I'm making your family fight like you should have 50 years ago. I've already started the clock. Your time is ticking fat old bald fuck. If you want to waste it talking to me, I'm more than happy with that.

So, what are some of your favorite hobbies and pasttimes, worthless brown texan?

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The Quack Toad

An old Toad once informed all his neighbors that he was a learned doctor. In fact he could cure anything. The Fox heard the news and hurried to see the Toad. He looked the Toad over very carefully. "Mr. Toad," he said, "I've been told that you cure anything! But just take a look at yourself, and then try some of your own medicine. If you can cure yourself of that blotchy skin and that rheumatic gait, someone might believe you. Otherwise, I should advise you to try some other profession."

Those who would mend others, should first mend themselves.

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Those who are unoriginal quote those that are. I've been on voat for a long time and everyone knows I'm probably the happiest person on here. All I do is try to share some of the things that help get me here.

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I was sharing with you a fable that goes along with the whole "fats shouldn't give advice" thing. Like fat dietitians or fat physicians or fat personal trainers.

I wasn't very clear, but thought maybe you would get it. I guess not.