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LL comment

That's symbolic for society: white man foolishly tries to help the black man, but then the black man just pulls the white man down, and in the end they both die.

He knows.

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This is why you don't save them.

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Yeah and make sure you dont film yourself not saving them, otherwise you end up like those douches in Florida that almost went to prison.

Call the cops then just walk away.

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Good job jumping in there to save the noble rape ape, faggot.

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Absolutely ridiculous. There was a giant log to grab on to.

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That WAS a sweet fuckin' log tho

Did you see that log? It was nice.

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Never rescue someone who can't swim without flotation device, otherwise YOU become the flotation device. They won't listen to your instruction as they fight to breathe i.e. lie on your back. As someone in the comments said, let them lose consciousness, then drag them to shore.

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Smackheads like every person in this video are why I had to move out of North Buffalo. You want to know what's really fucked up? That's a sewage outlet; there is no god damn reason that someone who wasn't blitzed out their fucking mind on heroin would ever climb down there.