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I don't speak from emotion, and I back what I say with scientific research. I know what I'm talking about.

Nigtomayor pisses me off. How people say he's a "good black". All of the nigger coddling on coontown before the shoah pissed me off too. It's like any ape who can turn on a computer and type all of the coontown talking points will be accepted. What a joke. All blacks are niggers. This is undisputsble. I can give 2 shits less of a nigger is "doing good". Others just live normal lives and we don't say anything about how good of a person they are. All blacks are bad, all kikes are bad. That's what I oppose. I oppose cultural Marxism and open borders. KIKES are behind that.

My pure hatred for the negroid race? My pure hatred for kikes?

I actually know what I'm talking about and can back what I say.

I back everything I say with studies

I defend science.

The thing is, their world view is not based with facts and science; ours are.

That isn't a refutation to my views. They're based on a science.

I back what I say all the time. I make fact-based posts daily.

I back what I say all the time.

I was raised Roman Catholic. Those are the values I still have. Those are the values I want for society, not liberal degeneracy. Right wing, Roman Catholic values.

Morality is subjective to the individual. I am not perfect, I am human. Only Jesus and God are perfect. Morality differs to the individual. Fact. He said that because anything is possible through God. Again, I am not perfect. Only those Two are perfect.

There are certain passages in the Bible which allude to caring for ones own people, though I don't remember off hand. You also have to remember the Crusades as well when speaking about Catholicism. That was a great period for the religion. Race realism is acknowledging biological differences between populations, which are backed off of scientific evidence using the scientific method. These studies are then repeated, so we can say, pretty conclusively, that these differences are there and they are innate between races/ethnicities. Catholicism is important. It is important to the structure of society. Have you ever read the Bible? Are you an atheist? The Jews are pretty ethnocentric in the OT. Here is a nice refutation on moral relativism.

Yes Jesus commands me to love my enemies. Yes I am ignoring it.

I'll kiss Jesus' feet and noone else's.

What about Mary's? --"Yep."

I will kiss the feet of Those who are Holy.

Jesus is a divine being. He is God who was made man. He is perfect, as are the Blessed Mother and the Holy Father. Yes they are one. Yes the Holy Spirit as well. All 3 are one, but separate things. Yes there is evidence for this in the Bible. Mary is the Blessed Mother as she birthed Jesus, she is perfect as well.

You need to be able to duplicate things using the scientific method. You can't with philosophy, which is why I don't care for it. I care about science. Like the immaculate conception was duplicated, right?

When I make a claim, unlike you, I back it. His emphasis.

Tell me the science experiment that established the virgin birth or stop pretending that your beliefs are based on science. --"Do a Google search on it. I'm not doing your homework for you."


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So all blacks are niggers and less than human regardless of behavior or IQ? If blacks had an average IQ of 9999999 and could build interdimensional portals out of boom boxes would they still be subhumans? What the fuck kind of insane shit is this? All blacks are subhuman regardless of intelligence, invisible men in the sky are real, the law of thermodynamics doesn't apply to fat people and he has credible sources to back up all these claims?


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Kek. You're one of the biggest losers I've ever encountered and that's saying something.

Your autism didn't address my post.

What do you hope to accomplish with this? Do you have anything better to do with your time? Why do you always attempt to derail discussions I'm in.

Adults are having a discussion here.

And the autism is still going on!!!! Keep it up loser!


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Your autism didn't address my post. And the autism is still going on!!!!

"plz explain how you can discern i have autism from text" -- eagleshigh