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Put up, or shut up. Please and thank you.


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Sure. Create it. Show me that you can create a site that's worth going to. Until you have a site set up, and I can judge for myself whether it's worth going to, this post is meaningless drivel.


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For those of you who aren't aware, this is an SEO spammer who flouted the 2/10 rule just enough to not outright break it. He uses at least 3 accounts. He's admitted multiple times to gaming the system.

Atko banned his SEO site which despite his incredulous claim above, stands for search engine optimization. His accounts get downvoat brigaded as soon as they pop up, so now he only posts comments in his own subs where he's put the minimum CCP requirements to 10000.

He's pissed off because even though he didn't actually outright break the rules, he broke the spirit of them, and Atko apparently agreed with that sentiment.

Hey @Ivancho75 , if you want to leave and go to another website, by all means. It's all any of us has ever wanted, and you threaten to do it at least once a week.

Also, one of his alternates threatened to rape me. Just putting that out there.


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You must be a fucking Jew because you sound like an ungrateful piece of shit with your whining. Voat may not be perfect...yet...but it's been great for the majority of us so far. Yeah, I may have a few minor gripes, but I am also appreciative of what Atko has done. So if you want to be a cancer on Voat, enjoy your next home (preferably back to Reddit).