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  • "She" moderated a sub to an extent neither users nor the founder of this site liked. That's fact.
  • Seriousdiscussion mods named and shamed regular users, then banned them mid-conversation. That's fact as well.

You can keep stirring this drama as much as you want, but at the end of the day, Atko runs the show alongside the community. 10 angry people from IRC can't do a lot about that.

"She" didn't get the position she wanted on AskVoat. Thousands of users applauded Atko's decision. Now let it go, move on. If anyone is keeping their moderator position on a big sub in spite of users' wishes, they've shown their true colors.

I feel your post here reminds me a whole lot of the Reddit clique. The dismissive language, the blatant lies about what events happened and the always present vicitimhood.

Remember, "She" was trying to grab Level 1 position mod from his/her position as Level 2 mod. The only thing you really get from that is the ability to purge all other mods. We, the community, caught this early on.

This is not Reddit. Take your Reddit behavior elsewhere.


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Thanks. I was not sure what bugged me about @Icy-Defiance post until I read:

The dismissive language, the blatant lies about what events happened and the always present vicitimhood.

I can't say anything about the blatant lies as I haven't followed events, but the other two are certainly spot on.


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You can keep stirring this drama as much as you want...

That's the funniest fucking thing I've read all day.

Unintentional irony has always been my favorite kind.



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Ok, I am not breaking any rules. u/she is deleting thread for "soapboxing" when that isn't even a rule. She is also deleting with the question mark shit, again not a rule. So there are sidebar rules and then super secret rules?

Dude you guys are acting EXACTLY like the r/news r/politics theoryofreddit mods. Do you want reddit? Because this is how you get reddit/

Did ElectroLumus delete somescientologists thread for bullshit reasons? Oh wait, that was u/she.

Stop. You don't have the useful idiots over here yet. You have those of us who left because we got tired of mods acting like they owned the place. Do you think you own the place?



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So here's the deal. A number of moderators on Voat have become friends with each other on IRC.

Apparently, the 'friends' of moderators won't hold them accountable, no matter how indefensible their position happens to be. I wouldn't have friends that would back me up no matter how wrong I was, but it seems that some people don't set the bar that high.

This is an issue, because it becomes very much like an in-crowd of people that can do no wrong according to - wait for it - you.

This is entirely true. However, that IRC server and our conversations are entirely public and many more people who don't have such positions also participate.

If I wanted to associate with the kind of people that wouldn't hold others accountable for their actions, I wouldn't have left the other site.

If any of you want to join, please do, we could use some fresh blood.

Not if someone like you has any power over it.

Obviously, the most active people who have been here the longest are the ones that acquire mod positions and are most interested in IRC, so yeah, many of us showed up there. Obvious correlation, not causation.

Correlation, causation, completely-fucking-irrelevant. I don't care when you became a circle to jerk each other off, nor do I care how - it happened.

The relevant facts are that some few are defending this cunt in such a dishonest, and shady way that there's really no reason to trust them, or anyone associated with them.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please, post them here or PM them to me, and I'll do my best to answer them. Especially concerns about policy, because I want this place to be as immune to corruption as possible, and IRC policies are a good part of that.

Would you consider shady/shit moderation, and dishonest argumentation to be part of that corruption, or does corruption mean something different to people like you?

What I see is a few people who are intentionally breaking rules and baiting mods into deleting posts so they can feign outrage and then request those subs for themselves, and a few more people who don't like rules or mods of any kind anywhere.

What I see is that the SJW cabal is starting drama in whatever subverses they think they own, and when pinged, get absolutely fucking wrecked in the comments. What I see is a bunch of people baited into posting on subverses with mods that'll lick the assholes of the drama queens and start deleting posts and banning.

What I see is the conversation being moved to places where this shit is bound to happen by those arguing in defense of she.

And I find that seriously fucking dishonest.

I mean, @ElectroLumus already admitted to a lot of dishonesty, and @nomerasques requested ownership of /v/askvoat after brigading the hell out of his objection to @she by linking it to a couple other subreddits. (He dropped the request a few hours ago because of people calling him out on the obvious conflict of interest.)

What's really great about all of this, is that their words and actions are completely fucking irrelevant, yet you, and those like you, seem to think that it's worth mentioning.

Nobody is rallying behind either of them. This end of the argument isn't by some group with any goal in mind besides calling out bullshit mods and their bullshit cabal. Literally nothing else links the people on this end. You guys have your cute little "public" IRC that, surprise, surprise, one of you has power in.

Now people are getting angry about /v/seriousdiscussion, but anyone paying attention will notice a few things:

It's @ElectroLumus causing the outrage again

And this is still completely irrelevant.

The removed posts were breaking the rules of /v/seriousdiscussion

Nobody pinged there, or who saw it on the front page gives a damn about the rules. Most probably aren't even subbed there. The bait post was put there for that very purpose.

This isn't an argument against those on this side, it's a scathing indictment of the depths your side will sink to in order to win any discussion.

People trying to argue against the witch hunt also had some posts removed under the same rules

Oh, boo hoo, one or two low effort posts in with many, many more high effort posts on this end.

Way to make it look like you're just being "fair". Any kid could do that.

Posts with the same message that don't break the rules are not being removed

Bullshit. Oh, and what about the bannings? Not one of you twisted fucks was banned.

Now, I've said it dozens of times already, and I'll say it again, I can understand some outrage against /v/askvoat's question mark rule, especially when highly upvoted posts are removed. I supported Atko when he removed /v/askvoat from the defaults, I recommended to askvoat mods that they change the rule, and I supported Stoic when he changed it.

"Pepper the post with something to make me sound reasonable... find something, anything... just something that makes me seem like I'm not always going to be against them."

Your agreeing with us makes no difference, and doesn't in any way make the rest of your post any less wrong.

However, when someone posts something critical of a mod and intentionally breaks a rule so it will be removed and he can pretend to be angry, fuck that guy.

No, fuck that mod. ESPECIALLY because the rule, in plain fucking English, didn't actually say anything about a question MARK. She interpreted it how bitches with morality issues interpret things, and deleted it.

If your moderating is being bitched about by a massive fucking sub you're moderating, you ride the pine like a good little bitch until the matter is solved. Anything else is proving how unqualified you are to moderate.

Now the same people are doing exactly the same thing in /v/seriousdiscussion and a hundred others are just taking their bullshit at face value.

Again, baiting people into a sub with rules and mods that favor you isn't an argument against us, it's a massive sign that points to your complete inability to hold your own with words - you require mods to do your dirty work.

If you break rules, your posts will be removed.

You know, Atko pretty much stomped that one to death already. Maybe you should rethink your internal model of how things are going to be run here.

That's not censorship, that's how the website is designed, how quality is maintained, and how the purpose of many subs (/v/seriousdiscussion especially) is enforced.

Rendered completely irrelevant by my previous words. You repeat yourself a lot.

If you want /v/seriousdiscussion to turn into a cesspool of insults instead of actual serious discussion

I reject your implied assertion that I cannot present serious discussion while also calling she a bitch.

then by all means, keep protesting every deletion. The rest of us, myself included, will protest against you.

I cannot wait until the lot of you are stomped into submission. Seems like it takes a while for deluded people to finally realize when they've lost.

The lot of you still haven't figured out that defending she is a completely lost cause. You continue to use every kind of manipulative tactic your pathetic minds can come up with in order to rewrite history, or divert the attention off of the actual subjects, but you're flailing.

If you see people deleting posts to push a political agenda, whether it's liberal, conservative, or anything else, then let me know, because I'll join that protest with whatever influence I have.

Don't want you. If this is the best argumentation you can come up with, hang out with the other side.

If you all have any questions or arguments or whatever, I'll respond to whatever I can in the comments below.

Oh, I do hope you respond. Not that I think you can do better than you have, much as I'd like that, but it'll be fun to keep sticking needles in all the places you wriggle.

Edit 2: As soon as @ElectroLumus was pinged, @Scandinavian and @kevdude also showed up and I got 5 downvotes on most of my comments. Now, who's in a secret cabal here?

Some people aren't mods of big subs... or you know, "friends" of mods in the right places - *wink wink

If that's the only way they can harm you beyond just shutting you down textually, when you have all the power, your whining about internet points makes you pathetic.


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This is how you WRECK someone in a debate.

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If it's public why are users banned for spam based on user name alone? User SheEple?

Manhood101 spammed the shit out of the IRC right after I made the post and we had to lock it down. SheEple looked like one of them, especially considering the timing. If it was you, I'll unban it, but I doubt it considering you didn't get pinged in this topic until well after I banned that nick.

However, it is interesting that you would know about that ban. You hadn't been pinged yet, manhood101 was spamming the IRC, no one else from this post had tried to join yet, and yet you know about that nick. Combine with your previous admission of dishonesty and intentionally trying to start drama, and that's really suspicious...

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Since text posts won't notify folks: @ElectroLumus @nomerasques @she


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re Edit 2: We have 130+ subscribers so far in v/protectvoat. If there was collusion to downvote you would have a hell of a lot more than 5 downvotes. But we don't do that. What you may not understand is that we disagree with censorship, in any form. You have every right to sit in here and spin the facts to defend the bullshit of your little reddit mod scouting party. You aren't deleting anyones's comments or nuking any threads, so while the content of your speech is one sided, misleading, agenda-driven damage control, I will defend your right to spout your bullshit to anyone who would seek to silence you. You are probably getting downvoted because you are acting like the mods that ruined reddit. Several mods clearly abused their positions and the users called them out. Now you are blaming the users for standing up for themselves. You can't honestly be surprised that the users are calling you out?

Edit - Wow I scrolled down- I actually upvoted a couple of your comments when I was in here earlier.


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I'm not talking about /v/protectvoat. Once this was posted there I got a lot more downvotes. When ElectroLumus was pinged, I got 5 downvotes on everything within 5 minutes, plus Scandinavian and you both made comments instantly. That wouldn't even happen even if it was posted in /v/protectvoat. That's exactly why I didn't ping him at first, I kind of suspected there was a cabal attached to Lumus and wanted to see how normal people would vote, so thanks for exposing yourself now.

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It's working. I'm using it right now, but it's self signed and irssi doesn't like that. Other clients have some way to accept the cert anyway, but I haven't found an equivalent for irssi. If you find anything, please let me know, because you're not the first person with that problem.


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I sit in that IRC and this is what I see (I'm just going to be honest here - I have zero concern whether one person or a group of people like me or not - this is the internet for fucks sake):

Calling it a cabal is just a troll. No one actually believes it's a cabal. It IS a close knit group of people that sit around all day in IRC. I see a lot of shit talking. Sometimes I join in for the fucks of it. They don't necessarily do anything to quell the suspicions of those that speak out against them. They'll claim they want it to go away, but continue with the sardonic remarks. 99% of the kids that sit in that IRC are alright. They're quite a bit of fun to talk to (for the most part) and honestly have no skin in the current game of back and forth. There most certainly is an "in" crowd but, it shouldn't really matter. It's IRC. It's the internet. It's Voat. None of this means anything. Upvoats don't mean anything. Downvoats don't mean anything. You're all virgins for even letting this shit bother you.

If you think this place is as bad as Reddit, or that the behavior of a few neckbeards on a site that hasn't even taken off yet warrants all this drama...you're the problem. They're the problem as well.

/u/icy-defiance is a good dude and doesn't deserve any hate. Although, you can't get upset about @electrolumus, @scandinavian or @kevdude getting pinged and coming to the thread when this very topic is "pinged" in IRC chat.

Leave people alone. Just fucking post. Shit like this isn't OC. It's not the kind of posts that Voat needs to stay healthy and alive. All this drama is counter productive to the health of Voat. Stahp it. All of you. Please.


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Dude, all we want to see is them not act like fucking reddit mods. u/she should step down. If she did I imagine that v/askvoat would go back to being a default. The fact that she hasn't means that she is putting herself above the entire sub. icy does look like a good dude. I wasn't lying when I said I have upvoted comments of his. I appreciate your honesty. Maybe they aren't a cabal, maybe they are, in any event they are ACTING like one. We all just left reddit, we don't need a group of mods on a major public sub acting like reddit this early in the game. A group of mods letting their power go to their head and drawing lines in an "us against the users" mentality is counter productive to the health of Voat as well. And if you want to talk "chicken/egg" our group basically coalesced when a bunch of us were listed as troublemakers in a seriousdiscusson thread, and all of us, upon looking at the list started pm'ing each other and next thing you know we have v/protectvoat.

Also our sub plans to do more beyond just this. We plan on watching for corporate and political shilling, and mod abuse in other subs. If you see something post about it in our sub. And thanks for weighing in. We don't want a war. We just want to see someone do the right fucking thing and send the message to all of the users that Voat is not reddit 2.0.


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Dude, all we want to see is them not act like fucking reddit mods. u/she should step down.

I think the no question mark rule is ludicrous. Even more ludicrous is how obstinate and stubborn certain camps are being in their defense of it. Overmodding is one of Reddit's biggest problems, and seeing it here is a little frustrating. I don't have a problem with the rule as much as I do the stubbornness when it's obvious no one (including Atko) likes the rule.

But I don't feel like any of this is worth all this drama. I like a good fight as much as the next, but let's save our energy when the real drama starts (which I feel is coming).

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