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Readers: Please check the Voat front page (bottom of sidebar on right) and/or the Voat about page (search for "Donations") to verify the donation address (1C4Q1RvUb3bzk4aaLVgGccnSnaHYFdESzY edit: now 1BFqer7P9qqqiirbC63KqxfuZYXxk6RrBZ (may go out of date again)).

Also, feel free to come on over to /v/bitcoin if you have any questions or would like to join our community!

@nomerasques, could you please change the blockchain explorer link to something other than Blockchain.info? Blockchain.info can cause confusion with their company name ("Blockchain.info" vs. the actual "blockchain") to new users of Bitcoin, has had several critical security flaws in the past, etc. Perhaps a blockr.io link? - (removed outdated address link).

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It looks good. Welcome to the world of bitcoin!

One more thing - I don't think it would hurt to add a mention of the badge donators get.

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For anyone from the Netherlands using iDeal, (and i wikied "MisterCash" which supports Belgian banks for online payment)

You can very easily buy bitcoins from https://bitonic.nl/index.

When i started with bitcoin, the localbitcoins site overwhelmed me, russian names, using paypal, and minimum deals that are way out of my league. I tested out bitonic in 2013 with 10euro's worth of bitcoin and I was able to sell them back with 3 euro profit which was fun.

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I have $0.50 in changetip from someone on reddit. How do I donate it to Voat?

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Turns out I can't use the money in my changetip and I'm not allowed to buy bitcoin from Coinbase because I live in Australia. Boo! :(

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Thank you for posting a direct wallet address, I just want to anonymously donate without all the bs. I don't need a hero cookie for doing it, I just want voat to be up reliably and to have capital available for expanding services (mobile for example). I used to browse that other site while waiting in lines and such, and the apps for that are pretty solid. I would like to see the same thing here.