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More like he keeps pushing buttons that people in these communities like to see pushed.

Oh, I am sure he has his fanboys and maybe even staff.

But at the heart of it he keeps pissing off the people who are most hated, the social justice warriors and regressive authoritarians.

He is going out of his way to generate things that entertain the community, he makes the regressive authoritarians come out of the wood work and act crazy.

And so people talk about it.


[–] geovoat [S] ago 

The one thing I do notice about him is as a gay man he makes statements that a non gay person would be pilloried for. It such an easy formula for attention.


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Not just that, he says things that any person gets crucified for these days.

Largely by the media, but also the regressive authoritarians.

It is an easy formula for some attention, which QED is why people talk about him so much.


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Would you like me to start removing any posts that you don't like, or that offend you?

That's not how it works. If users don't want to see it, they will downvoat.
I am not going to remove upvoated posts because you personally don't approve.

Use the down button and move on. If others agreed with you those posts would sink fast. But it turns out some people like him.


[–] rudditrenbyfascists ago 

I don't get paid to be infatuated with him.

I love watching him. He constantly uses facts, reason, and logic to destroy the left wing. He could just as easily do it to the right, but he is a paid entertainer.

He is just way better at his job than Glen beck and rush limbaugh.