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[–] TH3_1D10T 23 points -17 points (+6|-23) ago 

Because the mods weren't awake.


[–] kevdude 6 points 18 points (+24|-6) ago 

No. It was set up to be a pro gun sub. @henrycorp snuck it from the progun mods who were, as you accurately point out, asleep at the switch. He did this because he actually mods r/gunsarecool on reddit. Look at all the deleted submissions and comments. There was a small community using it to discuss the politics that v/guns herds into one catch-all thread. @henrycorp took the sub and then started deleting content posted by anyone besides him and the other mod.

Keep lying. You guys are the ones who want reddit 2.0.


[–] TH3_1D10T 21 points -16 points (+5|-21) ago 

Says the guy who organized a brigade.