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Mods caught creating downvoat brigades to force their feminist SJW agenda on voat

Examples of feminist SJW mods CONSPIRING to CENSOR VOAT with downvoat brigades

Here are example of these faggot SJW keyboard warrior clowns trying to censor voat once again:

Love how they claim this is all in the name of "safety". They claim they really care about voat and so they're doing it for "your own good"... Sound familiar? This is voat's version of the Patriot Act.

Govt: citizens we need to tap into your phones and computers and record all your data....FOR SAFETY REASONS!

Just to give you an example of the type of high moral fiber these feminist SJW mods have, one of their socket puppet accounts (most likely one of @nadrewod 's MANY sock puppet accounts) moderates /v/torture ... yep that's right @nadrewod is either running his sock puppet or is buddies with @accountwpublicip ... both are working to STOP Manhood Academy from poisoning voat with "spam" as they that they can start posting about cats being TORTURED!


He posted in the /v/torture sub he moderates a video of a cat being tortured so he can jerk off to it:

....and yes, voat citizens.....these feminist SJW mods claim to care about "your safety."


This is why Manhood Academy posts stuff like this to EXPOSE these hypocritical pieces of shit:

CENSORSHIP & The New Tyrants:

or how to bitchslap SJW keyboard warrior mods who can't handle dissenting views.

and yes we already know they're gonna accuse Manhood Academy of being a money-making scam:


Except they forgot to address this:

Manhood Academy finally answers the money making scam accusation from the feminists on voat

It's always been your choice. There's the free options which most people take.

Or there's the pay option if you really feel you're getting something out of their work and want to help contribute to men around the world who can't afford to connect. The academy buys laptops, phones, computers, headsets, and webcams for students who can't afford to get online.

Again, since day one of the academy, it's always been that way. 80% take the free option. 20% choose to pay. Simple as that. Nobody is forced to pay. It's STRICTLY VOLUNTARY.

Of course that's only for in-person training over webcam.

The academy has ALWAYS made it a point to give away all their teaching for FREE as they always have. That's why all their best material is released on their youtube channel and free ebook.

Everybody has known about this, even the critics who try and lie and claim that Manhood Academy is a money making scam. And that's also why you'll NEVER see a cowardly critics on here make this claim during a live debate because they already know it's a lie. Their only intention in making this claim is to smear Manhood Academy and promote their man-hating feminist agenda.

UPDATE: First, here's nadrewod's sock puppet (accountwpublicip) account pretending to care about voat and spam:

yep these mods sure seem legit.....oh but wait, what are really doing behind the scenes?

Here's one of nadrewod's sock puppet accounts, this is what he has been hiding from the public all along:


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The scary thing is I'm starting to think you're serious.

You have mental illness, kid. No man in the world would take advice from some angry teenager.


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