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I can't for the life of me understand why this fad is so popular, but it isn't the memes themselves that are the problem. And, I'm sure when done responsibly (better yet, legally) and without pushing it on others, there are no major negative consequences (yes, I know it can't kill you). Never done it myself since I don't go on 4chan, but I'm sure if I did, I'd never want to consider myself an "old fag" 4channer in 2016 (cause memeing is dead). This is because the culture behind it is absolutely vile to me and I despise it more with every passing day. The pious, arrogant love that 4channers have for those “dank memes” is so extreme that it's baffling, but what exacerbates the issue is how online, no-one is allowed to have any negative opinion about them. At all. Even if you don't like it, you just have to praise the “lulz”. Yet, from what I've seen online, 4channers do absolutely nothing to make their memes look good. Instead, they've utterly killed it. The idiotic culture surrounding it makes me want to stay far, far away from memes in general. I've always found any kind of edginess unpleasant, but I could at least accept memes if they weren't shoved in my face from every direction. The incessant need for 4channers to defend memes and encourage other people to do it comes across as profoundly obnoxious. Furthermore, many 4channers like to see memes as a magical force that can unite the world in peace, and yet it is prominent in the very nasty, un-peaceful chan culture. Even as they gradually get accepted throughout the world, their dark reputation will always linger. It's not a "nice" subject, it's disturbing and lowbrow. Meme pictures and videos are ugly and creepy. Meme humor is terrible and intelligence-insulting, especially when it involves Marijuana smoking mime artists. Meme songs are almost always complete crap (Rick Astley's abysmal "Never Gonna Give You Up!" being the absolute nadir). Celebrating the use of them on the internet is even worse and comes across as really scummy and pathetic. How exactly am I supposed to NOT see it is disgusting? It's uncomfortable and unpleasant to think about. And that's why I hate meme culture. The whole thing is endlessly creepy, filthy, obnoxious and moronic. Am I really the only person who feels this way? I can't stand it, and I feel so alone in this specific mindset.