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The website would not be unuseable. This is a common mistaken beleif.

People can downvote crap easily. Reddi existed innits best years without mods and it had one and only one "subreddit" reddit.com and it was far better.


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Hey Voat.. please just eliminate mod ability to remove posts and let the votes decide if something is right for a sub.

Or we can just allow trust worthy people to protect a sub from drifting into a shit hole.

Also, mods remove shit like spam.


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find a subverse you like and speak freely. there are specific subverses just for being able to say whatever you want to say without censorship. go to them if that is what you are looking for. but keep in mind that not everyone wants that in their subverse. some people like their subverses to stay on topic and not to promote manhood 101.