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No, reddit is authoritarian and loves censorship. That goes completely against the most basic liberal ideals.

EDIT: well, TIL that my definition of "liberal" is different from Americans' definition of "liberal". Just to make myself totally clear: I'm what you call a "classical liberal".


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Liberal vs Conservative and Authoritarian vs Libertarian can be treated as separate axes.


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in case somebody was unaware of how bad the censorship is...

deleted comments:

this works for any reddit comment thread, just make 'reddit' into 'unreddit' in the URL


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This is completely true. A lot of people don't understand that.


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They are perpendicular axes in political science. This is something that confuses/angers extremists who are interested in discrediting their opposition by painting their opponents with politically charged labels like "liberal" or "conservative." There are libertarian socialists and libertarian anarchists, just like there are authoritarian socialists and authoritarian conservatives.


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I have been fighting that battle since I came to voat. Liberal has different applications, and in the modern American political realm, OP was using the word correctly.

The left is liberal in this sense. Telling anyone anything different, is doing everyone involved a disservice. Words are best used to define things approprietly, when you start throwing in all this stupid bs about what the word means outside of a the specific context, it's confusing for no reason.

I liberally give out upvotes.

Hilary is a liberal, in a purely modern political sense.

Hilary is not a liberal (when comparing authoritarian to liberal government).

Someone has to go saying liberal vs conservative doesn't make sense every time.


[–] GoofyGrape 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago 

Found the Classical Liberal. JK, you are 100% correct.


[–] Chiefpacman 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

He's right, but out of context. In this case OP was using liberal specifically to label the American left, as it has been done for over 30 years.

Liberal vs Authoritarian, yes. Liberal vs conservative, yes. Both uses of the word liberal here mean different things. No need to throw in synonyms when OP's intent was clear

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Homie, you deserve your own pronoun.


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Exactly. For a while now there has been a set of intolerant, authoritarian cowards using the cover of 'liberalism' to push their abhorrent agenda. Fascists in Liberals clothing, if you like.

I think we should stop using the word liberal to describe these people. As you say, they are not liberals by any stretch of the imagination. I have started using the term Progressive.