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Let the downvoats begin. Hey it does say /v/whatever so fuck you guys.


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I don't understand why you are angry. Yes, it is whatever and you get to post whatever you want, That does not mean it should only be upvoated. People decide whether it is worthy or not. So, if it is getting downvoated, it is fair game.

Be happy that voat allowed you to post it irrespective of sense.


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Maybe they can't help being that way.

Maybe it would just be easier and more ethical to restore our traditional safeguards -- segregation and repatriation.

A lot of the hatred and disgust they bring upon themselves is entirely self-earned and well deserved -- but they are also being forced to assimilate into a civilization that is beyond their intellectual, cooperative and altruistic capacity, which will obviously result in a pathology of senseless violence and dangerously remorseless interactions with civilized people.

Just send them home. Good luck, black people, and Godspeed.