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This is almost certainly against a dozen local and national laws. It is also almost certainly not going to be prosecuted. If you think this is "cool" replace your beloved special interest group with your most despised one. If you still think this is a great idea you are a Libertarian that believes in personal property rights. If you think it is immoral and should be shut down you are an evil monster devoid of basic reasoning skills that should NEVER be allowed to vote.

For me? Actually I am fine with it. But there MUST be allowed to be a cafe next door that proclaims "No Niggers or Queers Allowed". THAT is what protecting the rights of others looks like.


[–] Strikingearth 2 points 25 points (+27|-2) ago 

Libertarian here. We mostly believe that is would be ok only if the laws were applied equally. So this is not ok because of the obvious double standard.


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this comment was censored by feminists SJW mods from /v/news and /v/videos. please also note these piece of shit cowards edited their v/news announcement to remove the mention of after many voaters called them out on their bullshit accusations:

/v/news is run by feminist SJW mods and we already brought this up a long time ago. They abuse the system by censoring anyone who dares to disagree with them. Now when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar they attempt to blame lol! Sad and pathetic or funny and tragic. You decide.

These piece of shit cowards are the exact opposite of MH101. MH101 has ALWAYS dared these piece of shit cowards to come out in the open and live debate their bullshit accusations. Unlike these piece of shit cowardly SJW mods, MH101 has consistently advocated transparency for all voat activity.

It was previously pointed out that on any given day voat's frontpage consists of 80% to 90% v/news posts. That means /v/news is MONOPOLIZING voat.

We already floated suggestions such as only allowing a maximum of 2 posts from ANY default subverse to prevent these feminist SJW fags from dominating and silencing voat. Then at least we can ignore them. But when they constantly take over the frontpage we're essentially ruled by them. When the frontpage is littered with solely v/news posts, voat is held hostage to the feminist SJW narrative. We ditched reddit because of the censorship and lack of mod transparency only to embrace it once again here on voat.

Time to remove /v/news and the piece of shit mods who run it. Also time to remove this feminist SJW LYING CUNT @AmyAcker and @THC

And last but not least: don't forget to submit ALL ITEMS to /v/whatever until this feminist SJW mod censorship gets resolved--DO NOT submit them to v/news. downvoat all v/news posts so they don't monopolize the frontpage. use /v/whatever for any news items. It's the only way to guarantee that these assholes don't get to censor voat in the future.

Once again, we are truly sorry for the lack of transparency. --AmyAcker


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I wouldn't go there. Simply because its fucking dirty. Not because of any issue they are trying to raise, but because I don't want dirty food.
Edit: They serve food right?


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people who think this way are usually filthy, do your own math on that one.


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I can't tell if this is a bike shop or a cafe.

It's a bike shop, sorta.


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They wash themselves with a dirty rag on a stick


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Hijacking the top comment because my update is languishing at the bottom:

After further research it's actually a bike shop: in Toronto.

So It's probably against 0 laws, as it's a volunteer shop. I'm not OK with it, but it's not a cafe as the original post says, and since it's in Toronto US laws don't apply. Were this in America I'm pretty sure it would be illegal.


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Good thing Canada has 0 discrimination laws. Wait, hmmm maybe I have a law here in the new office addition to me igloo. I got the mold at Costco. Igloo construction have real come along way since my fore fathers.


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VERY well stated!