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ShlomoShekelstein, let me address this faggot coward down below who is making false accusations about Manhood Academy:

It's easier and less stressful to avoid it altogether than it is to try to have a reasonable debate or discussion with these people, only to be called an SJW, cuck, faggot, or whatever else name makes them feel good.

It's always funny how faggot piece of shit cowards like you side with feminist SJWs and yet you're TOO COWARDLY to put your own views under PUBLIC SCRUTINY.

Any coward who has to CENSOR his critics should NEVER be trusted.

A piece of shit coward like you advocates censorship while Manhood Academy has consistently advocated for PUBLIC SCRUTINY by holding PUBLIC DEBATES THAT CAN'T BE CENSORED. You faggot cowards want to hide behind your mommy's keyboard because you know you can censor the outcome. You hypocritically lecture about "discussion" while CENSORING ALL POSSIBILITY OF DISCUSSION. You're a fucking disgusting piece of shit.

Fuck you piece of shit coward. We're happy to cause faggots like you extreme butthurt LOL! :) U MAD?