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If this video and others like it are all it takes for someone to let their guard down, and rethink letting in Immigrants, then Europe is well and truly fucked.

I hope you all realize that none of these people intend to be contributing assimilating citizens of their host countries. They don't want to the learn the host language and get a job. They want benefits, and they are very good at posing for a camera.

Yes they are being herded around and yelled at. They are invaders.


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Well, OP is a cuck. Despite males making up 72% of the invaders the BBC coverage has shown 53% women and 22% children on its television coverage. OP when you are in polite company and people say they would not send there kids to schools in that area does your minds eye see white kids or mudskins?


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Literally all of them are ISIS insurgents. /s