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Whatever you do, don't complain about this, as that would lead you to being labelled as a troublemaker, or misogynist, or whatever. The only thing you can do is smile politely, keep quiet, and carry on doing your work as normal. Since your colleague is, in your own words, "very capable", there is nothing you can do. Just accept that there will be other opportunities where you will be favoured. Do not be bitter about this, as this will only affect your postition adversely. There will be other awards dinners.

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They had to pay a lit of money to go to the dinner. Any good reputable awards show would be free to the ppl receiving awards.

This awards show is a racket to make money stroking ppls egos.

Hold your own awards show OP make ppl pay to come. Make sure you give yourself a couple awards so the girls will fuck you.


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Absolutely what he said. This is one way we will never be equal. Companies have always liked to display their women employees, especially the attractive ones. However, there will be other opportunities, perhaps a business trip or something.


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Just accept that there will be other opportunities where you will be favoured