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"(using the reddit mod tactic of funneling dissent off to an adjacent sub where no one goes)"

Oh fuck off Redditors with this and the CSS horseshit, I hate the dividing and conquering SJW-tactics from SRS in Voat. Why are you plotting to use v/news to fill an empty hole? Am I going to have to not use CSS anywhere because of some jackass mod wants to force his users to felch him? Don't hide your horseshit lying behind CSS, no user wants to be lied to with this shit. CSS is supposed to be cosmetic, not some method for busting a script-kiddie load directly into my eye sockets. I don't need to get your dick up my ass every time I want to discuss a link because the dollar store Illuminati wants to hide their bitch tits from me with their astounding control over my perceptions.

Why would you think this is ok? Just be open and honest, why are you so allergic to that? God Fucking Damn it, I hate mod drama queens.


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@typo @amyacker @forksandguys @shiningstar @blahblahgabor - please check the parent comment to this and reply to one of your users. thanks.


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These are feminist SJW mods and we already brought this up a long time ago. They abuse the system by censoring users. They are no better than @she. This whole mod experiment is a fucking joke because they are censoring anyone who dares to disagree with them.

It was previously pointed out that on any given day voat's frontpage consists of 80% to 90% v/news posts. That means /v/news is MONOPOLIZING voat.

We already floated suggestions like there should only be a maximum of 2 posts from ANY default subverse to prevent these feminist SJW fags from dominating and silencing voat. Then at least we can ignore them. But when they constantly take over the frontpage we're essentially ruled by them.

Time to pull an @she and remove /v/news and the piece of shit mods who run it.