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You are constructing a narrative where you were the victim of an organized mob. I'm sure you had some nasty things said to you, I read some nasty thing about you; but I also saw well written and articulated arguments against your moral attitude and character on this site. Remember, between you and I, you threw the first stone. Listen, you may not have any relationship with SRS, but his post is literally what SRS does and stands for - criticizing the speech of the site with the hopes of drawing controversy and chaos. Why is everyone so quick to throw you overboard? Because all of us literally just got our favorite site takes from us by a hostile group, and now we are just picking up the pieces trying to build another community. The users of VOAT are hyper-vigilant at this current stage; it's to be expected. By the way, after you threw that stone at me, I never defamed you, I constructed a reply that suggested we have had friendly discourse in the past, making reference to this post.

I would suggest that you stop throwing stones in your own house. If you want to discuss social justice causes in VOAT try discussing things that are outside of the VOAT community, but don't direct link to someone else's active post to criticize their speech - THAT IS SRS.