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It's funny how you think you're qualified to be in any position of supposed power here. You behave like a fat teenage girl. I mean, at least try to engage in something else than pity-parties with your gal-pals and m'lady-friendos.

And it doesn't really matter what "this posts says about me". I'm not the one clinging on to power on big subverses here. I'm just a regular user, who has shown the community early on what we're up against. The difference between us and your coordinated group is that we fight to get the fight overwith so we can enjoy Voat. You fight to keep it going, that's why you're here.

I can't see this ending well for you, though. Atko literally told you to "calm your tits". There's no doubt about what he wants with this side - and catering to your safe space needs isn't on his list.

Step down and go away. It's going to happen eventually, rather do it now.

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Grasping at straws to try and find a petty insult is normally an indication you've totally lost the argument and are now aiming for hurting someones feelings and getting someone on your side. You'll be waiting a long time for either of those around here dumbass.

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Haha, oh dear. You're not very smart. This feels like stealing candy from children.