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I sit in that IRC and this is what I see (I'm just going to be honest here - I have zero concern whether one person or a group of people like me or not - this is the internet for fucks sake):

Calling it a cabal is just a troll. No one actually believes it's a cabal. It IS a close knit group of people that sit around all day in IRC. I see a lot of shit talking. Sometimes I join in for the fucks of it. They don't necessarily do anything to quell the suspicions of those that speak out against them. They'll claim they want it to go away, but continue with the sardonic remarks. 99% of the kids that sit in that IRC are alright. They're quite a bit of fun to talk to (for the most part) and honestly have no skin in the current game of back and forth. There most certainly is an "in" crowd but, it shouldn't really matter. It's IRC. It's the internet. It's Voat. None of this means anything. Upvoats don't mean anything. Downvoats don't mean anything. You're all virgins for even letting this shit bother you.

If you think this place is as bad as Reddit, or that the behavior of a few neckbeards on a site that hasn't even taken off yet warrants all this're the problem. They're the problem as well.

/u/icy-defiance is a good dude and doesn't deserve any hate. Although, you can't get upset about @electrolumus, @scandinavian or @kevdude getting pinged and coming to the thread when this very topic is "pinged" in IRC chat.

Leave people alone. Just fucking post. Shit like this isn't OC. It's not the kind of posts that Voat needs to stay healthy and alive. All this drama is counter productive to the health of Voat. Stahp it. All of you. Please.


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Dude, all we want to see is them not act like fucking reddit mods. u/she should step down. If she did I imagine that v/askvoat would go back to being a default. The fact that she hasn't means that she is putting herself above the entire sub. icy does look like a good dude. I wasn't lying when I said I have upvoted comments of his. I appreciate your honesty. Maybe they aren't a cabal, maybe they are, in any event they are ACTING like one. We all just left reddit, we don't need a group of mods on a major public sub acting like reddit this early in the game. A group of mods letting their power go to their head and drawing lines in an "us against the users" mentality is counter productive to the health of Voat as well. And if you want to talk "chicken/egg" our group basically coalesced when a bunch of us were listed as troublemakers in a seriousdiscusson thread, and all of us, upon looking at the list started pm'ing each other and next thing you know we have v/protectvoat.

Also our sub plans to do more beyond just this. We plan on watching for corporate and political shilling, and mod abuse in other subs. If you see something post about it in our sub. And thanks for weighing in. We don't want a war. We just want to see someone do the right fucking thing and send the message to all of the users that Voat is not reddit 2.0.


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Dude, all we want to see is them not act like fucking reddit mods. u/she should step down.

I think the no question mark rule is ludicrous. Even more ludicrous is how obstinate and stubborn certain camps are being in their defense of it. Overmodding is one of Reddit's biggest problems, and seeing it here is a little frustrating. I don't have a problem with the rule as much as I do the stubbornness when it's obvious no one (including Atko) likes the rule.

But I don't feel like any of this is worth all this drama. I like a good fight as much as the next, but let's save our energy when the real drama starts (which I feel is coming).