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If it's public why are users banned for spam based on user name alone? User SheEple?

Manhood101 spammed the shit out of the IRC right after I made the post and we had to lock it down. SheEple looked like one of them, especially considering the timing. If it was you, I'll unban it, but I doubt it considering you didn't get pinged in this topic until well after I banned that nick.

However, it is interesting that you would know about that ban. You hadn't been pinged yet, manhood101 was spamming the IRC, no one else from this post had tried to join yet, and yet you know about that nick. Combine with your previous admission of dishonesty and intentionally trying to start drama, and that's really suspicious...

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[–] Icy-Defiance [S] 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago 

Like Daniel said, only Atko and Putt have any control over Voat. That one has nothing to do with me. I'll unban you on IRC, though. Just don't start spamming FAGGOT and LIVE DEBATES over and over.