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Patiently awaiting my banning from Serious Discussion. And maybe I can help a little: Put a splintered broom stick into your rectum @Nurdoidz. We came to Voat to avoid cancer mods like you, so GET LOST!!!

My Comment there:

If this continues, I will be forced to bill @She for the time I was required to spend discussing people who are defending her indefensible moderating of AskVoat. And for me, her political leanings didn’t matter because I hadn’t heard about She before this whole thing erupted.

First of all, take a look at this deletion by She:

@Survivorofthemeta I removed this post because it's title isn't asking a question "?" Please rephrase and submit again. Thanks!

A stupid moderating decision if there ever was one. If you catch it within the first minutes of submission, ok, but deleting an interesting discussion about off-the-grid living after it had gained many comments because of a missing "?" wtf???

And this wasn't the only bad moderating decision by She, take a look at all those deleted discussions at v/DeletedAskVoat (going only 3-4 days back). I thought we were through with this and I also got tired of this issue, but since people can't let it go, I'll continue to add more deletions over the coming days. Meanwhile you can browse the deleted submissions of AskVoat here.

And what makes her a bad mod in my mind is that this "?" rule is not set in stone handed down by the Voat Goat, but the mods probably copied it from Reddit. So it is disingenuous of She to say that she was forced to delete these posts because they do not contain a question mark. The mods made this stupid rule in the first place, and it was within their power to change it.