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I'm not sure if this is at all relavent. But...

It seems people get confused when thinking about what "witchhunting" actually is.

If someone does something that many people disagree with, then there will be uproar. When people protest about that someone's actions, people seem to think that's true witchhunting, but it's not really.

Witchhunting usually involves the needless/immoral/over-exaggerated attack of a person, where the attack is disproportional to the bad actions of the someone.

But when someone does something really bad, and people are not happy, that's not a witchhunt. That's simply many people disagreeing with you. It's usually a sign that you're wrong, or being an idiot.

People love to misuse words to defend themselves against unhappy masses.


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She wanted herself as Level 1 mod. When you want to grab power like that, expect scrutiny. The community didn't want that, and now a group of 4-5 girls/m'ladys are trying to stir as much shit as they can to prevent the very simple truth to come out.

As you can see, one of them even tries to use the fact that he's done development work for Voat as a reason he should have special rights. It's disgusting.


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Nobody is invoking their first amendment rights. Most of us probably aren't Americans at all.

We are, however, speaking up against the abuse of mod power, which is against Voat's core principles.


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Thank you.