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The one thing the lockdown has done for me has enabled me to consume tons of pro White books, videos, audio material, etc. I became redpilled so bad it wasn't even funny.

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Proud of you fren we all have to wrok every day to better ourselves and work towards building eachother up so we can achieve our true potential and take back our birthrigbt. We all gonna make it.

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Thanks fren. It all started watching Dark Clouds Over Elberton documentary and they mentioned that the financier of the guidestones loved David Duke and Dr. Shockley. So I did my research and it led me down a rabbit hole like none I have ever ran into before. All because of a pin on Pinterest about the Georgia Guidestones. Who would have thought?

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Ya. Thanks for the boogshit. I mean stimulus money

[–] KarmaIsABitch ago 

Give us suggestions!

[–] RCCollier ago 

What suggestions?

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

I suggest you send me a photo of your dick so I can add it to my collection

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At this point the parasite voters outnumber those who have jobs. It's all downhill from here, and fast.

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I want to see one of those maps of election outcomes if only the employed voted, and one if only net taxpayers voted.

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Huh what a coincidence that this map of employed vs unemployed voting outcomes matches almost perfectly when overlayed onto a racial map of white vs coloreds.

iT mUst bE sYstEmIc rAciSm

  • Some normie if they actually did that.

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"It's easy to stop going out when you already weren't going out."

Said that to a bunch of nerd ass salespeople I work with and they just wormed and didn't say shit.

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Miserable women are really big on this lockdown. God forbid a fellow female come in contact with a decent guy and start a better life than hers during the novelty of a fake pandemic. Nope. If she can’t be special than no one can be special.

Also niggers vehemently support the lockdown, but that’s more to interfere in the lives of white people because they are incapable of following directions themselves.

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Well those people are selfish assholes for ignoring everyone around them who are suffering.

This is creating a whole generation of kids with anxiety issues. Imagine being 10 and one day suddenly being told you can't go to school, can't play with your friends, your family's trip to Disney World is cancelled, you can't see your grandparents or they might die, etc.

These kids are going to have social and anxiety issues for life.

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It seems to have created a great divide in the younger generations. About half eat it up and think communism is the answer to their problems. The other half are starting to think non-Whites are the problem and maybe the holocaust wasn't such a bad idea.

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I did substitute teaching 4 years ago in middle school and noticed a similar divide. I wouldn't say it was 50-50, but a few vocal kids on each side and a large portion staying out of the debate. Glad to hear our side isn't losing numbers.

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I'm not gonna lie - during the peak of the original lockdown the lack of traffic was glorious.

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Yes. I never stopped going out with my toddler and we had all the beaches and parks to ourselves

[–] Computergeek01 ago 

No joke man. I'm still kicking myself for not taking my bike up on our local skyway. It really illustrates how many of the fucktards in traffic don't in fact have to be there at all.

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OK, counter-example. Silicon Valley tech workers who can work from home, get everything delivered, and don't really want to go sit in an office all day anyway.

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Personally know a lot who know the flu is bs, but hate their job and see this as a great paid vacation, myself included. Going out ever day with my family, lots of fresh air and exercise. Honestly it's done me nothing but good. Sick of all the pointless paperwork getting pushed lately at work.

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