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fitting because they're both lying frauds

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Cool, they can also add a Climate Change wing beside the Nuclear Weapons section. Maybe they can also add a moon landing area with a side section of the space station. Perhaps also a systematic racism wing?

[–] Warnos44 ago 

You forgot a global earth.

[–] Jack-Wagon ago 

Ah ha! You too believe the moon landing and the space station are fake! Right on!

[–] Flabbygasted ago 

I've seen them use some sort of warp speed tech...moon landing doesnt seem out of the question.

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Gotta keep milking that 75 year old cow.

[–] Soyboy69 ago 

Remember the six gorillion niggers who died from fentenyl overdose!

[–] DeplorableSubhumanPi ago 

Because adding a violent cheap porn star is the Jewish Culture!

[–] WHYPPHARD ago 

I wonder how much that holocausted.

[–] Inaminit ago 

honorary kike

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The have like 25 board members and additional staff. The salary cost must be insane...guess they are federal and state funding is coming to an end with no one visiting the shit hole.

Edit: Hurry get your free ticket to visit!

Holocaust Museum

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