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Ive spent many holidays alone. most of my life in fact. Ive doxxed myself many times in the past. I'm not afraid. and you guys should stop being afraid as well. you think the bad guys dont know more about you than you do yourself? please. thats how they cater the propoganda to you. the only people that dont know anything about you are other people just like you.

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Man I would gladly spend it with us if I was in your neighborhood. Hope you can find some, God bless ya brother. You're absolutely right btw. I appreciate your courage.

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Agree entirely

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Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with whoever comes. How are you cooking the rabbit?

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i've got an overpopulation again at the moment. i'll probably just have it as a supplemental dish to the turkey.

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Dude, if I was close I'd come eat your food. Thankful you're here, hope your day works out.

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Thanks for the invite! Montana is a bit far for me this time but I wish you (and any guests that can make it) a very nice Thanksgiving!

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Cheers brother, from another part of the world.

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Rabbit for thanksgiving? Someone bring this man a ham or something.

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hahaha. no. i was thinking it would be a side dish. i'll probably go shoot a big old fat tom or two for the event.

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fried rabbit is delicious. my mom knew just how to do it.

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That's a great idea. I'd love to join if money wasn't so tight with jobs closing here. Maybe there's a goat in northern Michigan nearby.

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If I were closer, I'd definitely take you up on your offer. Thank you brother. Hope it's a plentiful Thanksgiving for you this year.

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