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More people die from smoking, drinking and car accidents but you never see them losing their shit now do you? Because it's all part of the plan.....sound familiar?

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From the people that are killing us all!

We see you masons!!

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Every time you drive a car you could accidentally kill someone. By their logic you should even leave your home

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logic missing a piece...cars can kill... caronahoax is a new name for the common cold. So if you give someone a cold, u are a murderer is their logic. And they will say only conservatives can pass this along. So no logic involved here.

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i was really hoping that fine text said "do it on purpose".

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Meh, OK I'll do it deliberately, haha.

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Not unless I kill you first!

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Isolation is a cause of death, don't isolate others accidentally killing them.








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exactly. What is life if you are a prisoner 24/7, can't have fun, can't play, can't socialize, can't see family, can't celebrate...