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If niggers went to heaven it wouldn't be heaven it would be somalia

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As a lifelong Christian he makes a damn good point. Beasts of the field....

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I'm stealing this

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"i'm catboy kami and i hate niggers" ... that was awesome

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He needs a tv show.

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If niggers went to heaven it wouldn't be heaven. It would be Somalia.

Come on.

Nothing funnier has ever been stated in the history of everything.

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Hahaha. I dunno what you said was pretty fucking funny.

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The guy is like the Joker. Amazing.

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this is helping the acceleration which is necessary.

it's a good move.

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Absolutely. The Joker has always been the honest one

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Accelerationism only works when there is an oppositional pole to move towards.

Right now all we have is Trump vs. the Establishment. That isn't the "oppositional" pole we need unless we need to tell Israel how much we love them and that we will die for them.

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Agent of Chaos.

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Amazing though, that by doing that, he provided more order to all of our lives.

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Cop stream was funny AF

though his magnum opus blackface stream was simply the best

[–] RCCollier [S] ago 

Hmm I heard of that one but never watched it. I love how he easily triggers the normies.

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His main Channel on Kikechute has it

if not, look into his loyal archiver

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IDK what they expected. They have filled every corner of the world and web with people afraid to say a simple word. They can't even report news of people who say nigger properly for fear of retribution. It has an eerie similarity to when you remove a seasoned leader, under false pretenses, from an area of the globe that has had constant unrest and expecting everything to just work out in the end.

They created this vacuum by being so over the top pretentious that eventually some one will fill that void. Don't get me wrong, I won't be one of these retards saying Catboykami is our goy, however he can be funny to watch at times.

[–] RCCollier [S] ago 

Well the nigger riots and the jewish marxism is waking folks up and is wearing down the armor of political correctness. All of us add to the cracking of that armor. Little by little....

[–] BobSmooth ago 

Everything in life is cyclical. The average person will wake up eventually. I'm not a doomer either, don't get me wrong, there is no such thing as too late. All things in their own time. I'll keep doing my part and let the chips fall where they may. To be honest all of this shit has driven me more and more to Buddhism. Natural swing of things I suppose. I am of the generation where it was cool to be atheist. Didn't have much influence in religion as a kid and it was cool to be anti. Haven't sought it out as an adult but can see the obvious benefits. I think we will start seeing an uptick in religious seekers. Almost as if punk was turned upside down. All these pink/blue haired sluts will start be shamed and the new cool thing to do/be will be untattooed and conservative. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, maybe it's true. Doesn't really matter to me. My children however, they will be ahead of the curve. That is all that is in my control and all I worry about because anything else is wasteful and harmful. Hence why I've been leaning Buddhism.

BTW I read on here a while a children's book was publish about it being ok to be white. I was going to purchase a few and put them in the free little libraries around town. I lost the link. Anyone know anything about that? Much appreciated.

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these little shitlet snowflakes can't handle it... but if the news was exactly the same about niggers killing whites, they wouldn't give a single shit.

all niggers need to be killed, not deported... they are cockroaches. Kill them all and wipe africa off the map.... we need the resources for human activity. The georgia guidestones can be mostly accomplished by eradicating all niggers.

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Funny thing is the man who financed the building of the guidestones hated niggers, was a huge fan of Dr. William Shockley and David Duke.

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that's not surprising

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That was hilarious