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My mother had COPD and is in the very late stages. The whole fear porn drove her so crazy, she literally isolated her self since February in fear of catching it because it "would kill her".

Well, her birthday was on Nov. 1. And after 8 months of total isolation, I said, Fuckit! I told her, We are coming over for your birthday. So me andy brother went over and saw her. She was so happy, she broke down crying to finally have some human contact.

Well, guess what? Now she is having thanksgiving at her place and is even ordering the food. It will be her last thanksgiving and I am so mad at this fear mongering bullshit that has literally robbed our family of precious time over this fuckin bullshit.

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it has robbed EVERYONE of precious life time.

we're all dying and these fucking kike politicians are wasting it away.

this is why they need to be killed.

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I volunteer to kill "6 million" on ... On minecraft of course. I will even invent a rollercoaster just for them.

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No one sees the world the way we do together. We need to have a voat thanksgiving as well.

If I have no home, I can rest assured I always have one here.

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Luckily I guess my Grandma died before COVID started up, or she would be isolated in a care home for months on end. We had one last Christmas.

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That's the crazy part.. My friend died at 43 a few years ago out of no where. A little fat, but rode his bike 10-15 miles everyday. I saw him that Thursday, he got 'sick' Friday night and by Sunday morning he was dead.

It was heart failure, but I bet if it happened right now, they would have said it was covid.

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My friend lost his mom and wasnt allowed to see her in her final moments.

So much has been taken.

[–] KILLtheRATS ago 

Same. My cousins were making fun of me because i was talking about the covid videos from china, that just came out. Who is laughing now faggots.

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Lost my mother in law to COPD. Fuckin sucks man. May your family enjoy this Thanksgiving to the fullest and truly make great memories with lots of love and laughter. Hug your mother tightly.

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I'd rather die than isolate myself away from other humans for any reason.

Ask whoever is fearful this: "Is longevity worth giving up the quality of life for?"

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37 people will be at our house.

I can't wait to see everyone.

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Wow lucky you lol.

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You can come to my place. I have booze.

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Bringing the weed...........

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Sorry. I’m so thankful my family is not caving to this idiocy.

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You can come to my house. I hate my family but I'd love to have a big gathering of goats.

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I'll bring the mushrooms

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you've inspired me. i think i'm going to have a voat thanksgiving.

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Why do you want to invite the feds and jews to your house?

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[–] cosMICjester ago  (edited ago)

Damn dude that sucks. Although I don't know about having voat goats over there's quite few royal douchebags on here. Dude u should make an effort to make amends cuz family is everything.

[–] TripleZ ago 

I don't care about any of my family members except one sister who I can take in small doses. Psychopaths and narcissists. I took me a long time to understand the only winning move is not to play. (zero contact).

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"Stay safe! Wear your mask! Social distance! Stay home! Obey the experts! Watch CNN! Be a hero!!"

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My sister is brainwashed too. Mom too.

They are both “teachers” so it kinda makes “sense.”

I’m not sure how my brother and I dodged the ignorance; but Feels Good.

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Y Chromosome

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Was hoping my brother would not fall to this shit but hes fully invested in the holocough fear. Living in california too long i guess. My mom just shuts me down completely the second i start to discuss it. Refuses to have a conversation about it. She looks online every day to see how many new "cases" in our county, like a fucking addiction. I think my dad knows its bullshit but he just keeps his mouth shut to appease my mom.

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My daughters are both mask nazis. One cancelled Thanksgiving didn't want her son to travel. "Too dangerous with the increase in covid numbers" She got mad when I pointed out 99.99% of people survive and his age group 25yrs old is generally not having problems with covid.

[–] sequoyausa ago 

That's just what the DS wants people to do!! Total control......

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My sister is brainwashed too. Mom too.


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Women are stupid.

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I called him a fucking faggot and hung up.


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