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I once named the jew at my aunt, she shuddered in fear. I laughed in her face. The rest of the family remained quiet for their own best interest.

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I’ve let my parents know that I will never understand America’s support for Israel and I asked why is it that Jews are the only ethnic group on the planet that are unable to be criticized as other ethnicities are? My mom said “I should be careful about what I say” when it comes to this particular subject. My dad, being the stout neocon Republican, can’t seem to understand my stance on “America’s greatest ally.” I tell you, the Holohoax has placed a mental gap in everyone’s critical thinking facilities that will take generations to wipe out. The idea of the “eternal victim” is really only possibly in a gynocentric world where the “victim,” the “loser,” the “underdog” is given a voice loud enough to sway those with “power” no matter if they, those poor “underdogs” are morally corrupt. Jews prey on feminine empathy and have used it as a weapon against not only our women, but society as a whole. If we lived in a patriarchal, rational society based in logic and reasoning, the holohoax would’ve been memory holed decades ago.

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My wife named the jew during a chat among our D&D group which has some normies and a shitskin in it and they basically agreed with her, it was hilarious.

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The brainwashing runs deep

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I think I was always my maternal grandparents' favourite (and still am), but my grandmother is agahst now since my grandfather and I revealed our powerlevels to each other and we just openly 'name the jew' in front of her.

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Who is the guy speaking here?

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The burning question here.

My god; what a well-spoken, deliberate individual.

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Luckily they still are in most Euro countries. Just need some kind of nationalist or traditionalist-revival movement to oust the fucking zogged globalist governments and megacorps that currently run them. I was looking into some demographic stats, even places like Germany, which we consider to be massive zogged and niggered, are still 90% European. And what's better is at least they have a more solid claim to an original ethnic group and culture, whereas us North Amerimutts have trouble solidifying a true white identity since the countries are so young and so ethnically mixed.

What we should be asking people, especially those in Europe, is do they feel represented by mega-rich globalists who only care about political power and profits, and would you be okay with 50+ percent of your country looking like Africa or China so that they can get even richer.

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The still are in ALL European nations. Don't listen to all of the loser mentality here. muslims have a prominent position due to the (((media/academia/politicians)))

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You're right, only the major politicians and megacorps are zogged, there's still a chance Euro normies are based or will become based soon enough.

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90%? Look at under 20s and births + immigration for the reality of the situation. Europe is only a couple of generations away from minority.

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Only if there's no course correction at all. Do you think Euro normies are that cucked?

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Intelligent and well-spoken but unfortunately my brother would collect the narratives of anti-white vs. white then immediately admit they're anti-white (he's white) yet say it is because of all the white privilege we have.

He's that far gone. And it's quite sad because I could respect him as an anarchist but not as he readily aligns as Antifa. He's 5 years older than me and he's extremely street smart and savvy which is a great shame that his talents are lost through the government brainwashing he so supposedly rejects.

I never thought I'd see this day. I don't know what to say friends...

This "war" is of the mind and we are losing. I never wear a mask in any grocery store, including Costco, but I went today and a manager spoke to me in such a genuine and regrettable nature that he needed me to wear a mask. I played the card I usually do and was ready to record as I "won" earlier in the week... turns out Costco does not give a shit about medical exemption anymore, they require you to wear a face shield as of Monday. I am going to cancel my membership and give them Hell but I'm starting to see the end-game though those of you will say "no shit" because we're all so omniscient here it seems.

The end-game is after all the small businesses are killed (which most are), the consolidated megacorporations will adhere to the "demands of the government" which will force us to "bend the knee" in order to participate in society. Participation now includes getting food with no out.

What this means is you must be prepared to hunt for your food here soon if you are really trying to reject this without any physical confrontation. Maybe this is easy for some of you, maybe not. I am not a hunter but I am prepared to do what I need to. I have prepared a year's worth of food and have a generator, alternative energy sources. I have purchased guns, sighted them in, and purchased much ammo even though I haven't shot since I was 8yo. I won't do a face shield but I am considering a full-on gas mask, preferably one with the ability to hide my entire face from this day forward.

The game that is being played is a war on the mind. Those who understand Zionism and understand Trump's policy also realize that he's placating the American people... even if he is "our best option." We must be prepared for the end-game. The end game is everyone turning against you while they willfully concede their liberties without truly discerning it is happening. Meta-level brainwashing.

The question is, what will you do about it? I have defined my enemy but I am trying my best not to engage physically, to win the battles everywhere else including in court vs. Costco if I need to for simple promised "rewards." ... ... ... ... anyway you each have your own subjective battle, I just hope we win this war... because fuck these powerful and deceitful cowards.

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I need to brush up for the holidays. What percentage of earth's population are non-hispanic whites?

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Globably, around 10%, give or take 1%.

In a global world without borders, White people are the minority.

We are outnumbered by all of these demographic groups: Blacks, Muslims, Asians as a whole, Chinese by themselves, Indians by themselves, Asians minus China and India. Each of these groups, individually, are larger than all White people of all denominations, globally, let alone when combined.

Much of this can be confirmed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_world

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That number is getting harder to find every year. Under the age of 15 is less than 50% White in the USA.

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you can also mention feeling frustrated that every other groups seem to be allowed to be proud of their race or even being gay and are allowed to celebrate it, but whites are not, and I feel that that is unfair. its as if if I am proud of myself i automatically hate others, thats silly, if i like strawberry ice cream doesnt mean I hate pistacio.

this kind of thing is very easy to talk to a normie about and try to get them to regect and notice the white shaming in culture.

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i try to drop little seeds in conversation every once and awhile. if isreal comes up, I'll ask, why is isreal our greatest ally?

they dont have oil like some countries, china makes a lot of things, japan makes cool tech...so I get those, but what does isreal do? they dont have separation of church and state like we do, and its an enthno theocracy, so thats not what we are about... why are we such good buddies with them?

i find the tone of honest curiosity to be a great way to pose questions and plant those seeds of doubt with people.

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Some see the wave instinctively, before it has even begun to reveal itself. Others need to see the beginnings of a wave form to understand the magnitude of what is coming. Still others shrug it off as nothing to be concerned with until such time as the wave is engulfing them while the frantically think how did this happen to me?

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I see it already on civnat cuck TheZognald.win. Frequent naming of the jew, for starters. There are people that downvote but those posts tend to have heavy upvotes overall.

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