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Because to the jew, work is worse than death. jews are rats, they contribute nothing and steal whatever they can.

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i've come to this exact conclusion myself, in their mind being made to do actual, physical labor is equivalent to murder. that's literally how these parasitical degenerates think.

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Which makes the holobunga even more unintentionally hilarious.

“Oy vey those dirty goys put us in death camps!!”

“I thought they were just work camps.”

“That’s what I said! Death camps!!

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best torture you can do to kikes is force em to do honest labor

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What's the number one reason why the jewish supremacists are against free speech?

Free speech on the internet has allowed millions to go through the 7 phases....

The 7 phases of learning about the Holocaust

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That's a funny way to call banking, goyim.

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nothing about the hollowcost myth makes even a little bit of sense. fighting a war on two fronts, you still have excess resources to hunt down jews (the eternal chameleon) hiding in attics and under floorboards? and then you transport them miles to a camp instead of just killing them on the spot? then have them stay at the camp for YEARS before tricking them into a taking a shower that's actually a cleverly disguised gas chamber with wooden doors? for what purpose would they go through all of these contrivances?

getting people to believe a sensible, well-thought out lie proves nothing. getting someone to believe an absurdity is mind-control.

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jews answer: because Hitler was just evil!

"ya but why jews?"

jews: for no reason at all!

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Don't forget their "cuz we're smarter" line.

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It doesn't even show up in Encyclopedias before 1970

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As a holocough survivor, holocaust survivors are liars.

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Bingo! Encyclopedias and schoolbooks didn’t even reference the “holocaust” until the 70s or such

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Most telling is that Winston Churchill, a very based motherfucker, wrote a 6-volume summary of WW2, and nowhere are muh gas chambers mentioned. He won the Nobel for literature in 1953.

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Churchill? Based? Lol. What is this bullshit.

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Should I read some of Churchhill's books? 6000 pages is a bit much but if it's decent I may try it.

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My German grandmother lived in central Germany during the war, she swears NOBODY heard of muh gas chambers until the Americans started talking about it on AFN Radio long after the war was over.

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here's the full interview.

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I just watched this whole fuckkking thing! White Fucking Power!

[–] antiliberalsociety ago  (edited ago)

Watched this whole fukkking thing

You are like little girl!

Get watching

Get listening

White power you say? Get Reading

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It took them a couple decades to come up with that paticular lie. Usually they move on to the next narrative when a previous story is debunked. [They] have been doing that for millennia.

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In the 70s "The Holocaust " miniseries premiered during prime-time. It was mostly required watching by the schools.

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Yep, that and "ROOTS", which IIRC was (((ghost-written))) for Alex Haley.

Mini-Series were an "Event Television" psyop/invention - a new kind of promotional strategy which helped pushed these new cultural narratives and entrench these modern "foundation myths".

It was followed closely by the "Who Shot JR" thing in DALLAS, which premeditated the Lennon murder later that same year and the Regan assassination attempt the following year.

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I remember niggers getting really wound up about Roots. I also remember fucking with them by calling them Toby.

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Alex Haley was adopted!

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oh yeah school had this (((WW2))) history that was mandatory for all students

and it wasn't really history, it was kike Holohoax disguised as WW2 history

[–] Whitening ago 

And I was one of the 13 year old idiots semi-brainwashed by it.

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How much you wanna bet in a few years 9/11 will be all about the yooos thousand of jew lives lost ,poor jew owner never saw it coming probably lost family members in the building all because he bought the building and some anti-semitic group found out and decided to build a rollercoaster inside the building while pumping the building with gas to explote it with dynamite . While the one who survived were shot outside and fed chemicals to give them cancer. All the while white people laughed at them and niggers pissed on their graves.

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I don't plan on dying from old age, Valhalla is for warriors.

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Fairy tales are for children.

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