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IQ is racist!

Studying is racist!

Success is racist!

Paying for your own food and housing is racist!

Obeying the law is racist!

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"Everything is racist!!!!"

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Recent and current state of the world could easily be defined by one meme.

A pic of Oprah saying "Youre a racist! Youre a racist! Everyone is a racist!!!"

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It's the same thing in every fucking country. Look up the "Rule Britannia" thing.

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You forgot time.

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This is starting to remind me of the blind men describing parts of an elephant without realizing it's an elephant parable. The elephant is western civilization. They describe all of its constituent parts and what them and normies don't grasp is that the larger picture. Which is that they're saying its racist to expect blacks to behave in line with the values of civilization, particularly the ones that leqd to success. Ironically, they are correct because it's beyond their ability.

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I tutored math for so many years in college/grad school, honestly the blacks are hopeless. The most basic concepts escape a majority of them. You can get them through a class with rote memorization but there is almost no natural ability in their species.

It is possible for a black to get A's in mathematics or even to get a math degree with enough effort and support, but there's always something missing. Blacks can be trained to do multivariable calculus test, but even then they cannot apply the knowledge. That's how naive white men fall into the trap of thinking the blacks can be "just like us", they may be able to train a select black to be able to do math tests at a higher level than many white men and thus think they have unlocked some secret to equality. Yet when the hand holding stops the black becomes useless. The well meaning white man always ends up disappointed and covering for the blacks in the real world.

There is a spark that doesn't exist and I actually noticed that across the other races as well. Indians and Jews are another example of this, they can train themselves to be straight A students but they cannot do anything with the knowledge that isn't entirely straight forward. They lack that "it factor", they seem unable to create anything that pushes knowledge forward, actually quite to the contrary. In an effort to obtain prestige, the lesser races will worm their way into professorships and end up road blocking the real research.

That is why when we look at the great leaps forward in civilization it ALWAYS starts with the European man. For example the Chinese figured out the basic concepts of lighter than air flight, yet only applied it to creating flying lanterns for their festivals, Europeans took that concept and created air travel. That's the difference in our minds.

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Being able to synthesize knowledge into useful, actionable information to solve problems you have never seen before is the sign of intelligence. I don't think you start seeing this type of thinking until you get up into the triple digits of IQ, but I don't really know. I have no idea. Just a random thought.

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You aren't too far off the mark. An IQ one standard deviation from the norm is retarded/gifted(85/115), and an IQ of 100 isn't really all that smart.

Of course IQ is merely raw potential. You have to do something with it to make much of a difference.

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Idea synthetization starts around 130. Here's an interesting post from Curt Doolittle in answer to the question "At what IQ can you trust your own thoughts?"

  1. Intelligence generally translates to time required to learn - although below somewhere in the 80’s learning even the most trivial of sequences appears nearly impossible. And below the mid 90’s begins to become prohibitively costly upon those that teach. 10% of people are impossible to teach, and nearly half of people are costly to teach. Hence the future problem of employment.

  2. Intelligence above 105 is largely reducible to a learning curve. at 105 or so you can learn from instructions, repair machines, and express yourself logically. About every 7–10 points or so higher, it’s easier to learn from increasingly abstract (less obviously related) bits of information. Around 115 learn on your own. Around 125 invent new machines. Around 135 understand complex relations and synthesize them for others. Around 145 invent and reorganize existing ideas.

    Above that I have not seen anything meaningful other than the ability to construct longer denser sentences (I cannot speak in long narrations like Chomsky, and I cannot grasp and translate ideas as fast as Terence Tau. And I have also seen the opposite, which is a tendency to place too much value on intuitions (some people who shall remain nameless), and given that I specialize in identifying pseudoscience, there are a vast number of theorists in many fields who do not know about that which they speak.

  3. Those higher than you are not so much smarter as we they had more ‘time’ to create vast networks of relations (associations) - so the time required to identify a new pattern is shorter. The only way I know to improve your “demonstrated” intelligence in every day life is to be well read (possess more general knowledge) in multiple fields, and be lucky to have high conscientiousness as a personality trait. (All fields develop systemic falsehoods, so cross field knowledge is necessary).

  4. Those that are nearly frightening (children), and born with extraordinary abilities are very rare but I think we are beginning to understand what makes them possible (in utero). And their abilities do not necessarily continue past maturity.

  5. People in the 130’s tend to specialize in synthesizing and communicating difficult ideas to those in the standard deviations below them, and you would find that most CEO’s are in the 130’s, just like a lot of professors are in the 140’s. This is why the ability to articulate your ideas and make use of vocabulary is such an extraordinary proxy for intelligence.

  6. So here is my suggestion no matter where you are on the spectrum: Assume you’re wrong until you can’t possible find an alternative. Because that’s actually what demonstrated intelligence means.

  7. So I want to reframe your question for you: there is NEVER A REASON to trust your thoughts, feelings, or intuitions for anything other than “ouch, that hurts”. Knowledge like evolution is the result of survival, not justification. No matter how good you think your reasoning, the only test of truth is survival against all odds.

That’s what being smart means. Which was Socrates’ whole point.

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I have no idea.

Don't be dishonestly modest, you have plenty of ideas on the matter. Preemptively feigning ignorance to avoid being attacked for something that may not prove to be correct is essentially cowardice.

You're not a nigger. Stand behind your thoughts, fren.

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Gun powder also. They created it to make fireworks. Europeans took it and created guns to kick their asses.

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Everything that you are saying is true, I would label the difference as lacking in creativity and independent thought, however. It is one thing to be able to memorize knowledge, something that East Asians in particular excel at, however, that does not mean that you can use that knowledge. As you mentioned, concepts of flight is a good example. Another is in the tech industry, a lot of pajeets are really good at copying answers off of stack overflow or other online sources (ie. script kiddies and code monkeys), but give them nothing but a blank screen in an IDE and they will have a hard time creating anything. Many don't understand the concepts behind how the software works, and just throw solutions to the wall hoping that it sticks.

If you think the blacks suck at math, you need to put them in an English, Literature, or History class. Anything that involves a lot critical thinking skills plus the ability to articulate complex thought is going to be a major problem most of the time.

[–] LibertarianForChrist ago 

Indians have a caste system that screws with things a bit. China would be better if they didn't kill 50 million smart people.

But Boats, Physics discovery, Flight, Medicine, Electricity, Phones, Computers, etc all of "human" achievements, were all Europeans.

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Liberals: "If I fail it's always someone else's fault."

Liberals: "If you succeed it's always someone else's fault."

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Liberals: "If you succeed it's always by pushing someone else down".

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"it's always someone else's fault."

[–] krypt ago  (edited ago)

Liberals : Math is RACIST!

Blacks and Hispanics are dramatically lower IQ than whites, and that is the root cause of blacks doing poor in school.

Libtards attacked Math first, then Physics, and now the Women and Left attack all Science and Engineering for being "racist"

Science is RACIST and SEXIST!


Is STEM inherently racist? | CFACT


South Africa: Science must fall Because Science is Racist



Colleges and High Schools claim MATH is RACIST!

Math is RACIST and SEXIST!

ITS TRUE to anti-white-male SJWs! Try this search :


Feminists and Blacks both now across USA claim that MATH IS RACIST! :

Rochelle Gutierrez, female PROFESSOR at the University of Illinois: Math is Racist!:


Female math professor Professor Laurie Rubel at Brooklyn College: Math is Racist!:


At Cal State, algebra is a civil rights issue: https://edsource.org/2017/at-cal-state-algebra-is-a-civil-rights-issue/582950

Seattle Public Schools in 2019 : 2 + 2 = 5: Now math slammed as 'racist'




2020 : Math is Racist : The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) recently asserted that math "inherently carries human biases""


Seattle Public Schools in 2019 : AP and honors classes to be eliminated because not enough Blacks :


SCIENCE is racist too! All STEM is sexist and racist and white male patriarchy!:

Watch Leftist Students Say Science Is Racist and Should Be Abolished:

2019: Arizona State University Professor says Grading, good Grammar are examples of White Supremacy


Stanford University : Physics is Racist and Sexist! :


California to BAN SAT and ACT soon, SAT RACIST! Compton School District Among Groups Threatening to Sue UC System Unless It Drops the SAT:


May 2020 : 23 to 0 vote to Abolish 'racist' SAT and ACT tests at the University of California, and use skin color instead :


University Of California System Will Drop SAT, ACT For Admissions, and rely on skin color:


New York schools using New York Constitution attacked for using RACIST grades and RACIST math test scores to control admission to high IQ magnet schools!


Sorry, Girls! But The Smartest People In The World Are All Men :

In History, as of 2020, not one Black Chess Grandmaster ever, born in USA!

A jamaican half-black mullato almost counts : Maurice Ashley's nose in profile here :


Chess Grandmasters? Almost all are genetic males! I wonder why? Chess must be so sexist!

Math Is Racist" -- CNN Goes Full Retard, Cathy O'Neil claims risk management algorithms are SEXIST! :


Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is 'White Supremacist Patriarchy', including 2+2=4

Kareem Carr Ph.D. statistics student at Harvard University says Blacks can claim 2+2=5

Seattle To Make Math Instruction All About Race, Downplay Right And Wrong. Math is Racist

Don't you dare grade on White supremacy Merit, Boise State university tells professors


Colleges and Universities including University of Michigan Now Exploring 'Inclusive Grading' Because A's and B's are Racist


2020 : Massive School District of San Diego to only Penalize WHITE KIDS grades!! Too few Whites got failing grades!:


538 genes that are thought to be linked to intelligence (by comparing 300,000 test subjects) :

http://archive.is/pJYfe (original deleted and censored, archive still exists)

DNA is RACIST! Facts are RACIST! Physics is RACIST RACIST and Sexist!! Math is RACIST and Sexist! Reeeeeeeee!!!!

TL/DR: Liberals claim IQ and standardized tests are RAAAAAYYYYCIST! High IQ oriented Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Software Engineering,and other Sciences are attacked by female SJWs and all non-asian non-whites!

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With that logic EVERYTHING about normal life is racist.

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Everything that benefits you is racist. A ready-made lie and a slur that shuts off all discussion about anything that could possibly benefit you.

Everything that benefits them is good and right and just. We must pass laws and advocate for these things tirelessly or we hate justice, equality, women, blacks, freedom, etc etc etc

Tired of the gaslighting yet?

Tired of losing yet?

Can we talk about taking womens' rights to vote away?

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Can we talk about taking womens' rights to vote away?

Too many women are in positions of authority, and too many simps, faggots, and subversives will side with them.

Democratically speaking, there will never be enough people in favor of stripping away women's rights to make it happen.

You can't put the cat back in the bag.

[–] Seven7s ago 

Freedom is selfish, tyranny is for good and moral people.

Peak inversion world.

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Being punctual is racist.

Being diligent is racist.

Being lawful is racist.

Being clever is racist.

Being honest is racist.

Being anything that built Western civilization is racist.

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I'm so thankful that The Smithsonian made this handy list of everything that makes Western Civilization great.

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WTF?! Now I LOVE normal life!

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Math is also racist towards chinks.

Chinks need to spend hours upon hours of time studying in order to understand it. While Whites catch on and understand it in a fraction of the time.

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You got some proof of this or are you just talking out your ass?

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Personal experience, personal observation.

I've seen chinks spend significantly more time and effort studying, only to receive grades on par with average Whites. While I've also seen Whites put in the approximately the same amount of time and effort as chinks, who then go on to drastically outperform everyone. I've seen this in both high school and university.

And while I don't have statistics, or peer reviewed studies - Stereotypes exist for a reason. - The stereotype of chinks studying, and putting in far more time and effort than Whites (only to receive grades on par with them) has existed for decades.

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oh man. slashdot is still around. I wonder how those shills and sellouts are doing these days.

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Downright admitting that niggers are shitty parents who don't help their kids with homework.

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Didn't one state deem that Asians are not "people of color" the other day??

Article just reveals that all shitskins are borderline retarded

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Not borderline. Completely retarded.

IIRC, they lowered the IQ threshold for "retarded" by 10 points some decades ago. Why? Precisely because most niggers were falling under the old cutoff.

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Yeah it's been obvious for a long time most shitlibbery is a ploy. That's why they always use such vague, nebulous terminology, so it can be redefined on a whim whenever they need to.

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Yes. Washington. But it was the ACLU that called them White Supremacists last year, I believe. This simulation is hilarious sometimes.

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