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These look more like stock photos than news photos

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Probably a Warlock.

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Shhh! They can't stand reasonable and critical thinking. You're likely to make someone cry.

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was about to post the same.

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wasn't "about to post the same."

oh wait, I did post the same.

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Can’t exactly take pics of patients - HIPPA

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You can if they consent because they believe it's real and want people to know.

Funny how those people don't seem to exist except self-proclaimed "illness" from far lefties and The Holly Wood.

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Links to the instances where these were actually used in news stories etc would be more valuable. Otherwise they could just be "virus stock photos" in which case the same person might be expected to be seen in many.

Also, it is not clear that this is the same person in each photo.

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These are stock images.

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• There is no virus as evidenced by Jon Rappoport - blog.nomorefakenews .com/2020/10/27/the-missing-coronavirus-why-im-not-surprised/

• And David Icke makes a strong case that there is no virus - davidicke .com/2020/11/13/there-is-no-virus-when-that-penny-drops-all-else-follows-david-icke-dot-connector-please-share/

• The “covid symptoms: - trouble breathing, loss of smell, taste - were masked from their real cause — the 5G base-stations in those areas kicked on — first in Wuhan, then in Italy, then the cruise ship where all those people had the same symptoms. Doctors in NYC were saying it looked like altitude sickness or mountain sickness - (source) youtube .com/watch?v=k9GYTc53r2o Because their lungs were having a cytokine storm as if they came down from a mountain or out of deep water too quickly. This is also a symptom of 5G non-ionizing radiation poisoning. Also the incorrect ventilator protocol and the many different IV drugs they got put on killed a number of people.

• This was confirmed in the May 2020 French Army 190-page investigation into the origins of COVID - benjaminfulford .net/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/French-Army-Report-on-COVID-19-and-5G-Translated-to-English.pdf

• This is also well outlined here - youtube .com/watch?v=QPzGKClDvtQ

• And here is the accompanying article - americanmediaperiscope .net/post/5g-exposure-the-electromagnetic-human-test

• They also detected that the 5G was at play but unsure of its precise play in the coronavirus disease:
“5G is implicated in Covid-19, with electromagnetic radiation having possibly highly potentiated:

• The pathogenic power of the virus, or The Prevotella bacterium that caused the cytokine shock

• Similarity between the lung damage observed by all emergency doctors and damage caused by the use of an electromagnetic weapon (plus permanent headaches, fatigue, burning sensations in the lungs, thrombosis and loss of sensitivity to smell and taste, also cited as symptoms of COVID-19)”

• The major reason why the elites want the 5G system to be operational at 60ghz is that 60ghz is the ideal speed to bring in the Internet Of Things - forbes .com/sites/johnkoetsier/2020/01/09/elon-musks-42000-starlink-satellites-could-just-save-the-world/?sh=5d4544404c2c

• To interface with these frequencies and to not feel “corona” symptoms OR DIE, one must take their DNA-vaccine that changes your DNA to interface with these new frequencies (check post below)

• There never was a virus going around but China did knock out reportedly 20 million people by turning up the 5G frequencies and sucking the oxygen out of people’s brains. That was what caused all the chinese people falling over and dying in those videos. No intel has been quite sure if these radiation attacks are passive or directed. They could be directed but it could just be something that they hit different areas with it to cause mass hysteria and sickness.

• You see with a real bio-weapon that you just launch on the people, you can’t do much with it. It’s out there and you can’t control it or anything else. But if the boogeyman is supposedly in a test tube somewhere then you can put that scare anywhere there is a TV. It’s the most mobile and adapted weapon.

• The vaccine is an attempt for the Luciferian cult to initiate the general population into the Quantum Simulation World that they have planned for us. This is satan’s trick — to trick you to go from a 3D world to a 2D world. Although they will lure you in with an unlimited lifetime, unlimited money, etc, they will need you to take their Quantum Dot Tattoo to get into the club, this is something to avoid AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT TAKE THIS TATTOO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It is a decision that you can never take back, please educate yourselves on this…

• Anthony Patch best describes this in his original content on his youtube page - youtube .com/watch?v=SeoY4F264AQ

• Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum talks with David Icke: 'The Covid tests are magnetically tagging you and the vaccine is designed for mass depopulation and the synthetic transformation of the human body' - banned .video/watch?id=5fb6649993b2894247f3c9b4

• We are in an asymmetrical non-conventual psychological warfare. Their plan is to get us to destroy ourselves enough from the inside till we’re weak enough to invade. It’s working because people are not waking up fast enough. They need to know the truth and demand changes NOW!

• By the way, in Denmark families and citizens gathered and they STOPPED the mandatory vaccinations that were planned for the people - greeknewsondemand .com/2020/11/16/forced-vaccination-law-in-denmark-abandoned-after-public-protests/

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You shouldn't cite David Icke, notorious gnostic. He probably says Trump is part transdimensional reptillian.

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whats the worst thing that david icke has ever done.

and does the worst of him outweigh his helpfulness to the world.

Rethink your request.

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Looks like that niggerbitch Donna Brazil

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Can you use a bat more than once to give someone COVID?

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Was Mao a jew?

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mao was a student of shoes

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Well they aren't going to even consider letting a news crew into any actually sensitive situation. Some things are going to be theatrics. Maybe no video instead of a training session would have been more honest. Or a disclaimer.

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Niggers all look like deformed goblins to me. I mostly tell them apart by the shape of the black rot that grows out of their head. They tent to be so obese and bulbus, that you hardly tell the difference between males and females. Fat saggy tit, rolls of flesh in lovecraftian shapes, the constant need for spastic dancing, and don't get me started on the nigger women.

What I'm trying to say is, how sure you are that's the same nigger?

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