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I've thought about going back to my roots in Europe, but they're more fucked over there than we are. Where to go? Antarctica?

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The thing you have to realize is that there isn't really such a thing as "America" anymore. For all intents and purposes, mid-sized Nebraskan towns, New Orleans, Seattle, L.A., and rural Kentucky are all completely different countries. Different people, different cultures, different governing systems, different histories, different societal priorities, different genetic lineages, etc etc etc. "America" is an empire of people who hate empires and haven't yet realized they are in one.

It may seem like America is becoming some Judaized mix of El Salvadorans and Africans, while Whites become a minority, but that's not true. Instead, the former nation of America is balkanizing, with some future descendant nations to be Hispanic, some to be Black, and some to be White. It's sad that White people are losing so much land, but there still are White places that are ours, and worth fighting for. Go visit Northern Idaho some time, for example. You'll find white families everywhere, and a culture that is sick of the Judaifying multiculti bullshit.

So, my advice is not to flee the entirety of America. Flee the parts we lost, and stand with your brothers in the places we have left.

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The thing is even the few remaining white places are getting rapidly invaded by fucking wetbacks. 30000 northern idaho worth of immigrants come in every year

And spics are already creeping up into idaho.

Once you get 50 spics in one state, its over. 3 generations later there will be 400 billion of the fuckers

There's just no long term future here

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Theres nowhere to run

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We have discussed this problem. We just can't seem to find a place on the planet that is not fu^ked up or to damn cold. Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right.

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There is though... Tons of Eastern euro countries are 98+% white... Poland, Hungary, come to mind. Even western Europe is still very white compared to America, still some 80-90% white countries there... Meanwhile our youth has been majority shitskin for years now

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Cowards are fascinating....

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Do you know how this country was founded? People leaving their shithole to start fresh. Dumbfuck

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No they didn't lol

The COLONIES were part of Britain. The British king ruled, they used English law, had to pay English taxes, and were British citizens. That's why when we founded this country, the people here had to shoot English soldiers until they eventually gave up.

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There ARE places to run though. Europe despite the memes is still very white.

And I haven't done anything needing "punishment".. Take your meds retard

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Everytime i push 1 for English. Everytime i see godammn spicnish on packaging and signage.

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They have to be lying about the amount of spics in this country. I see them fucking EVERYWHERE (I've been all over the country - they're in every state now, not just the southwest).

I legitimately think that it's possible 40 or even 50% of the American youth are spics, with 30% being white and 20% being niggers/Asians/other. I read yesterday that soon there will be more mexicans in America than Mexico itself... We already have more Spanish speakers than fucking Spain

This is what happens when you have open borders with such a massive shithole like mexico for fucking decades and do nothing about it. I think most white Americans just assumed the government was doing its jobs and patrolling the border relatively efficiently - they had no idea millions upon millions of these fuckers were flooding in every year under our jew governments watch.

Fuck this country, man.

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Half the Latinos call themselves White.