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I'm sick of this cooperate no matter what mentality. If Mathew Graves had a gun, he should have used it out of fear of his life.

[–] CalibanFresco 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago 

But muh thin blue line. Who else can save us from jaywalkers by slaughtering them in a fast food restaurant's bathroom? We'll have chaos in the streets if the boys in blue aren't allowed to murder you for not respecting their authority over life and death. Besides, if you're not guilty, you'll just do as your told, and your chances of being killed drops all the way down to only being somewhat unlikely. Now, I don't know about you, but as an innocent man, only having to bend over and part my cheeks is a worthwhile sacrifice. I mean, only a guilty man would refuse such a demand, and you're not guilty, are you?

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Just let your children be strip searched and groped by negroids at the airport goy. It's your patriotic duty to make sure your skies are safe (despite us knowing about 9/11 and allowing it to happen).

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the queer cunt could have cooperated and none of this would have happened.

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Multiple cases post shooting are precedents, multiple times innocent citizens have laid officers in the dirt and then have been acquitted due to swatting, wrong address etc

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"I'm not getting on the floor in this bathroom." is what I'd be saying to the fucker.

[–] CalibanFresco 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

'He's comin' right at me!' is what the cop would say after pulling the trigger.

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Seems like he wanted to ignore the ZOG bot. Can't have that. ZOG bots don't like being ignored. They would rather engage, escalate and shoot.

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Police officers are bad. One and all. Every last one is a violent criminal.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=VjC7audSUB0&has_verified=1 :

Body camera footage released in fatal Eagle Point police shooting - YouTube

Yes, I know invidio.us has shutdown

This has been an automated message.

[–] captainstrange ago  (edited ago)

The bigger issue here is fags get mad about the outcome here. Let me illustrate:

  1. guy had a stun gun that cop claims he mistook for a real gun

  2. cop is trained to use deadly force if he can claim he believes a weapon is going to be pulled on him.

  3. guy did not cooperate

  4. cop was an asshole trapping someone in a bathroom for what amounted to a challenge to his authority

  5. cop escalated instead of leaving it the fuck alone because there was no immediate victim or crime

  6. long haired hippy was respectful without being a push over. demanded he not be talked down to. which if this cop wasn't such a raging homo with little-man syndrome, he would have met the guy half way on.

  7. people whine if long-haired hippy dies or is injured.

  8. people whine if cop dies or is injured

All in all I come down slightly leaning on the side of the hippy here and heres why:

While a great deal of cops are ordinary people who aren't out there with any particular malice, there is a significant subculture of them that are. Ordinary petty malice, ego trips, escalations, and pushing people around unnecessarily. And worse, if you point this out to an officer their response is, singlehandedly, almost always, "I don't know anything about that", those precise words for some reason. Read it again. Almost every single time. I've talked to enough of them to know.

Here was a guy who just didn't want to be fucked with. Who just wanted to go about his business, minding himself. Who wasn't told why he was being stopped, and had no apparent reason to be stopped. And now hes dead.

The rightness of a circumstance between cops and citizens comes down to who survives an encounter. Force is it's own justification.

Thats what I learned from how the american judicial enforcement system works. Anyone that engages with that agrees to those terms.

No use crying over spilled hippy or cops that got shot by gangbangers, antifa, blm, and whitenats.

[–] RevDrStrangelove ago 

Well, one choice gives you at least a chance of prevailing. The other will result in your death like a nigger. I am not a nigger. I will hire the best lawyer I can and fight them in court.

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