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Media acts like that’s bad BUT the democraps dint act like spoiled brats ??

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Fuckin pricks

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When will people learn to just give in to slavery and live in dread like the oligarchs want them to? So. Fucking. Selfish.

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why should these morons be allowed to potentially kill someone? These days your breath is like a loaded gun!

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So? Who gives a fuck if people don't wear masks? They don't do shit.

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Comments show how cucked Britain is.

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Good on them. They even tried to use their platform to get the message out. Makes me proud to be British.

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were you proud of football hooliganism too?

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they were louts.

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https://dontvis.it/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8851065/British-anti-maskers-behaved-like-spoilt-brats-refused-wear-masks.html :

2020-10-17 | British anti-maskers behaved 'like spoilt brats' when they refused to wear masks | Daily Mail Online

"A group of British anti-maskers behaved 'like spoiled brats' when they refused to wear face coverings on a flight home from Berlin, a source claimed today.", "Sharing an image of the group on Wednesday, she wrote: 'We had a ten Brit mask-less standoff at Berlin airport. 'Police and authorities could not make us wear masks.", "Ms Burchett claimed in a tweet that the group all 'had medical exemptions' which allowed them to go without masks on the flight."

'The women were flying with British Airways from Berlin back to London Heathrow Airport following an anti-lockdown meeting, but refused to wear face masks as they allegedly have a medical exemption. '

'The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases reported a daily increase by more than 7,300 new cases on Friday. '

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