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(As a geography reminder, Egypt is located on the continent of Africa.)

Idiots as usual don't understand that Africa =/= Sub-saharans

Check out the "Ancient Egyptian mummy genomes suggest an increase of Sub-Saharan African ancestry in post-Roman periods", cant link due to low ccp

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Really? Does anyone think Nick Fury was ever Black?

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Heimdall the black Norse God

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Man, hollywood is so stupid... and cnn of course is no better

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Not all Egyptians were niggers, duh.

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No shit faggot

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Boycott PedoWood.

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Cleopatra was a White Greek of Macedonian heritage

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Africa is a big continent. It's not hard to imagine that people on the edges near europe or the middle east might have more in common genetically with people in those areas than those all the way in the sub sahara. Then again, these people are so happy to see white people repainted as black, why should they want anything different here.