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The doctor from Iowa is a ruse...it was Maurice Strong ( CLUB OF ROME ) ...The " CLUB OF ROME " designed and financed it , Strong was the administrator which he alluded to several times during " think tank " functions and international symposiums while he was the corrupt head of Ontario Hydro, the largest public utility in North America. He also headed the " Earth Summit " in Rio in 1992...trudeau's hero, he should have been put to sleep with a 240grn hollow point.

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As head of Hydro he decommissioned old nuclear equipment and a lot of it went missing. There's a rumour it went to North Korea.

He also united all the good goy corporates into his corrupt cult of communist treachery when he was running the UN.

He just showed up one day with plenty of backing from rockefelller associates and became an oil millionaire in Canada after being the faggy boy toy of every super wealthy old jew in the club.

The Georgia guidestones sounds exactly something that bipolar egomaniac would do.

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Funny. I always thought that holding the world population to 500 million in balance with nature was something Bill Gates would endorse, being a eugenicist. I was under the impression it was a group of people that RS was representing when he ordered the stones be created.

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The initials of the person who ordered the stones from the guy who made them. He never signed his name just initials. Some believe it’s where the Rosicrucian theory came from.

Edit: Maybe it was RC. It’s way too early in the morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet.

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Idk who “told” you that about ted, but it’s an anonymous benefactor and ted was never publicly tied to it. The timing points to his involvement, but thats about it.

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Ted Turner was never involved. It was financed by a doctor from Fort Dodge, Iowa who was a conservative, a friend of Dr. William Shockley (nobel prize winner and a race realist who studied racial differences in intelligence), and a huge David Duke supporter.

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Yeah that’s fake news

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Dude just watch the documentary.

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The documentary Dark Clouds Over Elberton will tell you and also you can find the e book version of the doctor's book Common Sense Renewed. Not a bad book, it's more civnat than anything but it's not bad in comparison to other books in regards to how to improve the country and he was relatively diplomatic in how he would do it. I don't agree with all of it but it's not bad.

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Ted Turner has always struck me as a decent person. Remember, they stole CNN from him.

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Wow your fucking delusional