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P Diddy. What cheap fake piece of trash that is. Total subservience to the jew.

They dragged him onto the martha stewart show to bake cookies to humiliate his fake welfare gangster reputation.

He's the almost male version of whoopie goldberg

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I love to redpill people who praise rappers like this piece of shit. Great thing to bring up in conversation.

"You think PIECE_OF_SHIT_RAPPERS_NAME_HERE makes a lot of money, you should see the guy that owns him." Or a variation, "How much money do you think the guy that owns him makes?" Ask them if they have seen Straight Outta Compton for reference to a Jew fucking black dudes out of their money.

"You don't think he gets to choose what he records do you? The record label approves and edits everything he does under their name."

This is a great way to bring up the subject of the 1996 Telecommunications Act that allowed record labels to buy up smaller labels and create a controlled monopoly over the music industry.

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He’s a total fagola. So well known in entertainment circles. Started his record company with drug money, had his ex wife KIM PORTER killed, and other women who threatened to spill his secrets (gay orgies, raping underage rappers, major money washing.)

He’s very afraid. Trump knows all his secrets. They were in the same exact NYC circles + parties during Diddddy’s popular era and Trump early Apprentice days. He was the only accepted ‘Black’ in the Hamptons.

https://gangsterreport.com/did-sean-combs-take-money-from-bmf-to-fund-bad-boys-start-up/ @Truthseeker3000

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people need to understand that most of the people in the (((entertainment))) industry are fags thats why they dress up and put on performances. Just because they are black doesnt exempt them from this, not to mention the blackmailing involved

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The only way blacks can win against humans, is if we dont fight back

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half of the cucks wouldnt

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And that's good. Our gene pool needs a good cleansing.

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I'm counting on it. Let the cities burn. Chemotherapy for the nation and the white race. We will come out stronger.

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Race war you say? Neat.

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Oh but niggers will win? Is that what this niggerfaggot is implying? LOL.

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Niggers couldn’t come together in Africa or America at any point in history what makes you think now will be different? Hell we mistakenly killed ourselves to free them they couldn’t even manage that. No ships no bridges no structural advances past a mud hut and artworks that consists of big dick chimps.

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Trump has done nothing but cater to niggers for 4 years... and they still complain.

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Finally something to do with all of our firearms training that doesn't involve fighting for Israel.

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I hate that nigger.

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I dig his efforts towards acceleration.

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Threatening white people for a race war, eh? You'll be a fucking smear on the wall two seconds in.

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