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It looks like a gorilla with Trisomy 21 wearing a mask.

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he legit looks like a orc from Sarumans army

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[–] reason247 ago 

... You know the author was from South Africa right?

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I fuckin lost it when i saw that nogs face. Can't even wear it properly. Where's your left eye fuckhead? Hahaha. And that mouth. I'm just imagining it making a retarded seal like noise. Honkin and ooking

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing ago 

This is how niggers will win the war.

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I can't stop laughing.

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What the fuck is that?

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Something who looks way better in a(t least one) mask?

[–] DanielR [S] ago 

legit a orc

[–] DanielR [S] ago 

"We fight! For Saruman!"

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Let me translate

Ooga. Boo booga oof oog muh dick

Wypipo booga dun dindu ooga

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So the blacks are protesting against the Whites who are protesting against the black murderers escaping justice 16 previous times. How dare those Whites get mad at black people killing them! The blacks aren't protest against their government which is so corrupt it can't keep the power on or the water running. Instead they're mad that While people don't enjoy being brutally tortured and murdered.

What a grave injustice these blacks have suffered. They got to take over a first world nation that they didn't build or have any rights to and drive it into the ground. Once driven into the ground they can get away will torturing and killing anyone they please. However, that is not enough because the people they torture and kill are getting upset about it.

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cant wait till theyre all starving.

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let us not let fellow whites die at the hands of niggers, ok :)

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I would literally send them an AR and ammo if I could

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Where's Gandalf when you need him?

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He fell to shadow and flame.

But he will return as Gandalf the White

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Maybe, collectively, we are Gandalf the White.

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Always 3 days away.

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Good name bro.

[–] DanielR [S] ago 


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[–] Zestyclose_Marketing ago  (edited ago)

Not enough niggers in America for that. The spics are more likely to start race war than the niggers.

[–] reason247 ago 

... I hope so.

[–] reason247 ago  (edited ago)

Yeah... Idk. I would stand around 100 native US Hispanics before 1 nigger. I would stand around 10 non US Hispanics before 1 nigger. ... I have spe t a lot of time around both.

That said. The best boss I ever had was a nigger from North Carolina. ... Then another nigger tried to kill my wife. What the fuck. Seriously. What do we do with such statistics?

[–] Babadookk ago 

Really? I think they like welfare too much

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