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  1. In some ways Hitler would be considered a liberal today. Vegan, environmentalist, artist, kept trying for peace, started the world's first anti-smoking campaign.

Hitler's philosophy balanced all that was good for his people, from both "sides" of the political spectrum while cutting out all that was bad. Veganism excluded, as that was his personal preference which he did not push upon other people.

Excellent documentary.. it's about time I watch it once more.

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I love it when people bring up the veganism thing and claim Hitler was going to take all our meat.

Like... No. 😂 Fucking Hell even he knew the power a good steak has, he just didn't want to eat meat. Fair enough.

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Broiled squab was his favorite dish, he wasn't a strict vegan

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I watched the entire movie. I had always been taught that Hitler hated jews for no rational reason and was a genocidal maniac. I learned 3 things:

1. jewish bankers caused the German people to suffer terrible economic hardship after burdening them with historic debt for WW1

2. jewish Bolsheviks in Berlin were trying to take advantage of the economic turmoil to create a "Russian" communist revolution in Germany

3. jewish social engineers controlling the universities and entertainment industry pushed sexual and social degeneracy by fostering pornography, homosexuality and prostitution to destroy the nuclear family and turn German women into desperate sluts to feed their children.

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yeah, like I said no one ever asks what the Jews did first to deserve the retaliation. And honestly even after all the shit they did he was still too nice to them. Was telling my wife about the film, told her pre-war Berlin was basically Las Vegas-esque sin city.

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When my friend was red-pilling me, he told me about Weimar and how when all the German people were starving and their currency was debased, the pest were walking around in fur coats, living high on the hog and buying up all the property.

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We did not win world war 2... Our entire perception of history has been warped by the jew. Hitler was not the bad guy.

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The US was happy playing both sides until they were roped in by jewish lobbyists

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We only played one side...Roosevelt sided with Churchill. And the enlightened Patton was killed.

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It's pretty clear Britain was the bad guy in WW2, and US sided with them. Anyone backing fucking Stalin was evil.

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You were selling to both sides of the war until the jewish lobby fulfilled the balfour declaration using the US as bait for Israel

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If you want to see how much the allies supplied the Soviets, including 20,000 aircraft and 1000 tanks per month watch this vid from 7:40 to 10:00 . The Soviets didn't stand a chance without being massively supplied, the nazis were basically fighting the whole world economy and still came so close to winning.


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it really is amazing what they were able to accomplish.. i'm convinced they were the greatest race of people in the last two thousand years.. no other gen of people will come close to them ever again imo.

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Look up what all aryan peoples did. Master race isn’t a joke. Dude most european peoples have high admixture of Aryan DNA to this day, they are still alive.

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If tou like that movie, check out Europa: The Last Battle


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What do I watch first tell me what to do please

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I recommend watching TGSNT first.

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It's an amazing film

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Roosevelt and Churchill set up the bombing of Pearl Harbor because over 84% of the people in the US were against the war. When I went to Nuremberg 25 years ago , an older woman explained to me that Hitler was the answer Germany's leadership. He was good. They were appalled at the actions of Trotsky. He was an murderer! I thought it was odd she said those words. Since her encounter, I have studied the Russian Revolution...now, I understand.

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