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The argument assumes blacks as rational thinkers. Not hypersexualized animals with MAOA allele defects.

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Even an animal can be too busy caring for its young to have more kids.

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Have you ever witnessed a colony of feral cats or an infestation of rats? They would just keep breeding and let the weak ones die probably. R selected species expect to lose more than half of their brood before adulthood, and there is plenty of evidence the niggers may be r selected species. They show little compassion or care for their offspring, and some even express glee about harming or killing them.

I am anti abortion, but honestly we cannot do anything about it until we cut these vermin off their supply so they die off at natural rates.

[–] Ken_bingo2 ago  (edited ago)

Absolutely blacks are exhibit as much R-selection behavior as could be while still being able to mate with humans.